Monday, May 16, 2005


Write Your Own Review: Agree with Ames's take on Maroon 5 live? Feel like she must be deaf, dumb and blind? This is your chance to spout off and share your opinion.

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skaring5 said...

All I have to say is that I was once a Maroon 5 fan, but then I went to see them on the Honda Civic Tour in Tampa.  First problem was that ticketmaster deceived us into thinking we were going to get to see them and three other bands, not just them and one other band.  Second when Adam Levine kept going on about how sexy he felt...we all could see his head blowing up, it was nauseating.  Third, and above all why I will never think of Maroon 5 as a decent band, is that they played a U2 song, and afterwards said it was a Beatles song!  How can any band of any musical intellgence make this mistake, especially after the fact that they've gotten that big, you would think they would know the artists whose songs they would be covering!?!?

bluestraven said...

I was lucky enough to see Maroon 5 in Florida. I have been to many concerts and never have I seen such genuine talent. Adam's voice is AMAZING, to say the least, live and on record. The rest of the band's ability to rock cannot go unnoticed. The energy exchanged between the band and the audience was incredible! I was in paradise and I kept wishing that the concert wouldn't end. One of my favorite parts of the show, however, would be, ironically, the ending. Ryan Dusick, the drummer, was unable to play the venue that night due to and injury from which he was recovering. Though his replacement was excellent, nothing could have topped the moment when they brought Ryan out for the encore to sing "Highway to Hell." Nobody could have asked for a better ending to an amazing concert.

The Donnas were awesome and very underappreciated. Though it was obvious who everyone was there to see, they still managed to pump the crowd up in preparation for Maroon 5. In the end, I couldn't come up with a better way to spend my money.

scottie1324 said...

I think that the Maroon 5 concert that I went to was one of the best concerts that I have ever been to.  The whole vibe there was great and the band sounded so incredible.  I must say also, Adam Levine is one sexy man.

eyecook4fun said...

hello, I have been to numerous shows in my 46 years, I recently saw maroon 5 in Phoenix, Arizona in a outdoor theater, Adam, rocked me out of my seat, not just with his vocals, but kicked some major butt with that guitar, this is perhaps one of the best shows i have seen from a warm up band for John Mayer in Tucson Az....keep rockin boys , you are great ..thanks for a wild night .....

tixgirl said...

Set List: Radio City Music Hall, NYC, 4/8/05

1. Shiver
2. Through With You
3. Tangled
4. Harder to Breathe
5. The Sun
6. Wasted Years(?) - New tune
7. Secret
8. Not Coming Home
9. This Love
10. Must Get Out
11. Sunday Morning
12. Sweetest Goodbye
13. Hello - Oasis cover
14. She Will Be Loved

jefinax said...

10/12/07 - Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. My wife is a Huge Fan so I got the tickets. I have been to numerous concerts from Rod Stewart, the Eagles,Phil Collins and on... Maroon Five and Adam Levine - one word - Incredible!!!!! Great music, Great Set..One of the best Concerts I have been to.  Great Show!! Can not wait to see them again.

Jeff & Ginny
Branford, CT