Friday, November 10, 2006

GOOD GOSSIP: Prince Goes to Vegas, Baby, Vegas

He's so money, and he knows exactly how money he is. That's why Prince has opened a club in Las Vegas, where he will perform twice a week.

Yes, that's right, His Purple Highness has thrown his hat in with the Celines, Eltons and Barrys of the world. Not that I can really picture them hanging together, but Prince seems to have smelled the money. And he's smart enough to know that by owning the club where the performances take place, he stands to make much more than he would by splitting the proceeds from ticket sales with a third party venue. Imagine if Celine owned the Coliseum. Egads. Caveat: His venture is being backed by AEG Live, so it's not totally DIY.

Prince is setting up house at the new club, 3121, at the Rio Casino. The which casino? Exactly. It's off the strip, so the Rio will obviously benefit from the extra pull Prince represents. 

He'll perform Fridays and Saturdays, starting Nov. 10, according to AOL Music News. Tickets are $125, which is pretty standard in Vegas. Yo, check it: Prince Launches Purple Vegas Reign. Meanwhile, there's no telling how long the residency will last. It may only be a matter of months, so get ye to Vegas if you're dying to see Prince.  

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