Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Of the bands to appear at the 2006 CMJ Music Marathon, one seems to have caused more of a stir than any other: CSS. The Sub-Pop label darlings were the buzz of the ball at Flavorpill's 6th Anniversary Halloween Party. And to get the industry-insider, seen-it-alls in a tizzy of expectation is no mean feat. Such a jaded group are loathe to admit they can't wait to see a band of unknowns, but these kids were an exception to the rule.

With a name that stands for "Cansei de Ser Sexy," or "tired of being sexy," one might expect a lazy, lounged-out vibe. CSS are anything but. These wacky kids from Brazil have more energy and spunk in one pinky than most dance rock outfits of the moment can muster en masse. Of the six members, it's really lead singer Lovefoxxx who gives the Sao Paolo natives their zany flavor. One of the most outrageous vixens to mount a stage in eons, her antics can force even the most unwilling critics to break a smile. Check out the evidence:

CSS @ Webster Flip through tixgirl's
CSS @ Webster photoset

Long before CMJ, I caught my first dose of CSS opening for Ladytron at Webster Hall. Though their music didn't capture me right off the bat, they had a boisterous, gleefully irreverent vibe I couldn't deny. Lovefoxxx is, to put it simply, a wild child. She boasted about being drunk and relieved she'd finally gotten her period. She dove into the audience and sang a raucous ditty among the masses. She danced with the wild abandon of a drunken cheerleader. She showed us her thong. Immature? Sure. But her exuberant, party-animal antics had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. And damn, it really was fun.

And then they got up and did it all again during CMJ.

Not only are CSS one of the zaniest bands around, but they're also among the hardest-working indie newcomers. They seemed to have at least one gig every day of CMJ. Which means they're hungry, and they're willing to work for it. And those are traits I like in a band. 

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