Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 YEAR IN REVIEW: Best Crowd - Keyspan Park, Coney Island for Daft Punk

2007 Year In Review:
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Best Crowd: Keyspan Park, Coney Island for Daft Punk
Daft Punk wins, hands down. But the fever that spread through Terminal 5 when the
Daft Punk discoveries, Justice, nearly tore the roof off the m*otherf*cker led to an
unbelievable display of wild abandon. Bacchus would have been proud.

Crowd for Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07
The crowd for Daft Punk @ Coney Island, NY

1: Daft Punk, Keyspan Park at Coney Island, NY         Photos  |  Video
2: Justice, Terminal 5, NY                                          Photos 
3: Gogol Bordello, Irving Plaza, NY                             Photos  |  Video
4: Rufus Wainwright, Central Park Summerstage, NY   Photos  |  Video
5: Paul Van Dyke, Central Park Summerstage, NY       Photos  |  Video
6: Les Savy Fav, Randall's Island, NY                          Photos  |  Video
7: Cypress Hill, Rock the Bells at Randall's Island, NY   Photos  |  Video
8: Balkan Beat Box, Bowery Ballroom, NY                   Photos  |  Video
9: Justin Timberlake, Madison Square Garden, NY      Photos  |  Video

Justice @ Terminal 5 102207-327
The crowd for Justice @ Terminal 5, NY

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