Friday, August 19, 2005


Tell Us What You Think: Agree with Ames' take on Dave Matthews Band live? Feel like she must be deaf, dumb and blind? This is your chance to spout off and share your opinion.

Do you agree? Let us know if you see eye to eye.

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Got another set list? Post it here so we can compare shows!


amesf9 said...

Set List: Roseland Ballroom, 5/9/05

1. Hello Again
2. One Sweet World
3. Too Much
4. Die Trying
5. Where Are You Going
6. American Baby
7. Warehouse
8. Louisiana Bayou
9. Jimi Thing
10. Dream Girl
11. Stone
12. #41
13. Hunger For The Great Light
14. Two Step
15. Ants Marching

19. Everyday
20. Steady As We Go
21. All Along The Watchtower

ttaylor74 said...

I love DMB its the been the highlight of my last two summers and look forward to many more. Dave Rocks

marmel518 said...

My husband and I are 40+ Dave Matthews Band groupies!!!!    We cant wait to snuggle into the thousands and thousands of people.....all different yet all the SAME when it comes to DMB.  

Dave is a very talented and "generous" man.     Sharing the spotlight < ALWAYS.........playing for "three hours"!!!.....DMB gives you their ALL each and every time you see them in concert.

If they played for 8 hours the crowd would still be screaming for more!   He takes us away from LIFE for 3 hours....enjoying harmony...however leaving us the end that what we had anxiously now over until the next time.

We love you Dave..thank you for taking us away from it all...if even for a short time :)

greenidgrl17 said...

great show.........i've been to many concerts...........but DMB has been one of the best shows i've ever been was so good i went both times they were here in philly.........both times they whoooed me doesn't get much better than DMB..........if your a person that loves a good band that knows how to put on a good show then go check out DMB!!!!!!!!

pennyfromheaven said...

Neil Diamond:
Saw him in Philadelphia on Aug. 13. He was awesome!!! And he did sing Sweet Caroline in his encore set.  He does not dance; he tripped twice but for a 64 year old singer that house the entire sold out house on their feet is a amazing one! I hadn't seen him in concert for almost 30 years but how about the songs that he wrote for the Monkees and also performed during the concert.
He did not weat jeans but lightweigt flowing slacks and dress shoes...same shirt , though.
I wish I hadn't waited so long before seeing him perform.

bobhalljr said...


thehawaiianeyez said...

About 6 years ago I seen Neil I paid alot for 4 tix in the 10th row center, great show, since then Ive seen him twice both times bought a pair of tickets from a local box office 4th row center, Boy did I feel riped off. More talking through the songs than singing and performing, trying to cutecy up the songs, Neil we come to see the songs performed as you recorded them. Not played with like a some toy. I know after so many years you need to do something different, but as a FAN I dont want different, and when Im paying 200.00 dollars a seat, well I was very dissappointed! I hope Neil reads these comments and gets it back, it would have been better to see him retire than to see what Ive seen the recent past,  again a great song writer and this is constructive criticism, I just cant see paying for that kind of performance.

whcsci1 said...

Sounds like Margit is not a Meatloaf fan....She stated he still has the pipes, the crowd loved it, he sang all the old fav's and many new....what else does she expect? Saw him on public TV show, he kicked A@$$.

bigcurt213 said...

Right on the money!  This is why I have been a fan for 10 years and have attended 13 shows in 3 different states...whch really isn't that much for a diehard DMB fan...

newknight2002 said...

This article hit the nail on the head, the live concerts are some of the most unbalievable experiences money can buy

mrwiq said...

I've seen DMB live 3 times and each show was unique, amazing and well worth the price.  He entertains all his fans from the ones up front to the ones in the back.  One time during a rare performance of "Grace is Gone", we in the audience took out our lighters and lit up the night sky.  Dave just jammed for what seemed lie hours watching the lawn twinkle.  That show was at The Blossum outside of Cleveland, OH.  Still the best show I've ever seen.  

summerfilms said...

For some reason I couldn't open Ames' review.  I get the feeling I wouldn't have liked the review (if it was negative). I have traveled all over the U.S. to see the DMB. I am a fan of many bands, but I have been a Dave fan since the beginning. The DMB is one band where every musician within the band is a seperate genius. There is always going to be shows you like better than others. For example it's hard to beat a show at Red Rocks in Colorado, but the DMB is a band you can count on for a GREAT LIVE show. Now living in Los Angeles, I will sell an organ or go without eating if necessary to see DAVE this Summer! If you haven't seen them play, then get off your butt this Summer and make it happen. Anyone who thinks the DMB doesn't put on a good show probably just forgot to take their Prozac before leaving home. ;-)

sharikkkkhan said...

it was crazy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greystreetvw said...

dave matthews band is the best of what's around!!! they are an insparation to all!! well they should be anyway!  They have literally saved my life!!!  I love their music their love of it and their freedom to make what they want!!  DMB is my soul!!!!!!!!!!!  

kimmi563 said...

In all of my years as a hardcore DMB fan, I have never met anyone who was truly, %100, right on about the music of the Dave Matthews Band.  You, my friend, truly "get it".  This article will probably become my favorite article of all time, thanks for that.  

Kimberly Bartel
Wichita Falls, Tx

dmbaseball36 said...

I was at the concert, I've been at 13 others and this one will always stand out!

cochster85 said...

DMB is the greatest band around right now, you gotta give it to a band like them whos been around for over 12 years and they are still extremely popular. i already got tickets for both nights of there show here