Thursday, September 29, 2005

In Your Own Words: System of a Down

"Daron Malakian blew the crowd away with his seamless passage from intricate fretwork into hurtling momentum, dropping into lushly melodic harmonies and jolting back again to mind-bending speed metal riffage." Or so says our reviewer of SOAD's August show at the Nissan Pavilion in Northern VA.

Do you agree? Give us the goods on SOAD's 2005 Tour.

Want a flashback? Flip through photos of SOAD in concert.

Got the set list? Post it here and compare shows!


gonzalez3086 said...

I think SOAD is one of the top concert acts that I have seen in years!  I attended their show in Chicago and they where awesome!  They sound as perfect as on the cd and they know how to work the crowd.

serjsnumba1fan said...

i saw soad at the first mariner arena aug 22 it was amazing bad acid trip was ok the mars volta was decent but when soad took the stage the place went wild i left that night with bruised feet and sweaty but with the memories of the best concert ive seen in a long time   soad you rock serj is amazing  bring em back again and again