Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Madonna adds new NYC show!

Attention: New Yorkers, it's official! 

Madonna has just announced a sixth show at Madison Square Garden for 7/19.

Tickets go on sale on Monday, 5/15 at 9am ET.

Madge says this is the last NY date she'll roll out, so mark your calendar, set your alarm, have the page up and ready at 8:59am and be ready to click! This is the last chance you'll get to see Madge in NY this summer.

Here's a quick link for Monday morning:

Good luck!  Hope you get great seats!

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bobohays said...

Warning! You will sweat your ass off! No airconditioning will be provided!  If you enjoy being so hot and sweaty that you feel like you will pass out then this is the show for you!
The show is incredible but you will be so miserable that you won't remember much of it.