Monday, May 22, 2006


Tell Us What You Think: Agree with Ames' take on seeing The Roots' 2nd night at Radio City? Feel like she must be deaf, dumb and blind? This is your chance to spout off and share your opinion.

Do you agree? Let us know if you see eye to eye.

Not sure what to say? Read our review to get started.

Go to the 5/18 show? Give us the dirt so we can compare nights!


jlabroo102882 said...

I totally totally agree with Ame's take on seeing The Roots...I even  had to admit that was the best show I ever seen in my life!!!!! I initially attended the concert just to see E. Badu but when I saw Dave Chappelle hit the stage I really thought I was dreaming. I was so lucky to be sitting where the band entered and exited. I think the top of the evening was when Jay-Z came out...the crowd went crazy..myself included!!!! It was awesome, awesome, awesome...from start to finish...I'm so happy that I was able to witness such a great event!!!

lexpunjab said...

Def agree with the writer- went to the same Radio City Show and absolutely loved it. J Davey was so awful it was painful and def agree why couldn't Turiq do more when we were subject to that girls' awful singing and leg kicking- GROAN! Roots are AWESOME!

juanhiga said...

madonnas concert was fukkkgggggggggggg. great.