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Best Show Ever? Your Top Concert Memories

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Many say The Beatles were best, others argue Elvis was King, and some say Eric Clapton slides past 'em all to rank at #1. While we agree U2 are the bomb, Bruce is boss, and Phish were phab, Jay-Z hovas at the top and Madonna may just dance into 1st place. Whatever your vote, there's no denying people are opinionated about music, and downright passionate when declaring the best concert experience they've ever had. So spout off and add your voice to the multitudes shouting the praises of the very best of the best.

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tixgirl said...

Tied for 1st place:

Jane's Addiction at the First Lollapalooza: Great Woods Pavilion, MA, 1991.
Jane's was my favorite band, I sat in the 10th row and was hit by the proverbial wall of sound for the first time. Life changing, really. They could have been the only band there that day and it would still have tied for first. Though seeing Gibby shoot a shotgun (Butthole Surfers), a young Trent Reznor toss his guitarist into an amp while pouring a bucket of water on his keyboards (NIN), Ice T screaming hardcore (Body Count), and Cory Glover (Living Colour) marching offstage from getting pelted with sod from the Great Woods lawn was all definitely memorable, I was there for Jane's. Dream came true with Summertime Rolls, Ocean Size, Coming Down the Mountain, Ted Just Admit It, Three Days, Classic Girl, Ain't No Right and of course, Jane Says.

Radiohead: Merriweather Post Pavilion, MD, 2003.
Radiohead took Jane's place as my favorite band after The Bends came out in 1995. It took me another 8 years to finally see them live. It was transporting. I'm still speachless when I try to describe what it was like to see them live. I *will* say one thing -- the documentary Meeting People Is Easy makes it seem like Thom Yorke is depressed all the time. That man was having so much fun up there on stage. If he's a tortured musician in interviews or in his private life, it's easy to see why he plays music. That's where he's happy.

tixgirl said...

dragonladynaps says:

I saw the Beatles in Kansas City, Missouri on their First Tour of the United States.  The concert was held at the old Athletics (baseball) stadium.  The group was out on the field, if I remember correctly at approximately 2nd base.  Everyone was crying, shouting and cheering so loudly that you could hardly hear the music.  But it was fabulous!  We had a pair of binocs so we could make out each and every member of the group.  I had my favorite, George, and my girlfriend loved Paul.
When the concert was over, a helicoptor landed on the field to wisk our beloved Beatles away.   I never had another opportunity to see the group together.
But I can remember that night - it was magic!!

tixgirl said...

kfigenscher says:

I actually saw Frank Sinatra at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas 25 years ago. It was the greatest voice I ever heard.

tixgirl said...

andreagigilove says:

ok (sometime in the 60's) seeing Led Zeppelin, in person, at a tiny movie theater in Cleveland. Ohio was so cool, but hitching a ride to Gooselake, Mich for a 3 day fun fest of drugs, sex, and rock and roll was the top of the list for me at 16 years old. Had to lie to my poor mother and sneak out of town but it was well worth the trip. Many surprise quest musicians including Jefferson Starship, Hendrix, The Animals, Three Dog night, Janis etc... Music all day and all night, we didn't sleep at all. didn't want to miss the fun. And only took the wndow pane.

tixgirl said...

magic32muir says:

I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan 5 weeks before his tragic death on July 20th 1990 in Salem Oregon this man was the greatest guitar player who ever lived.

tixgirl said...

egan49 says:

I remember seeing the Rolling Stones at Shea Stadium on July 2, 1966. It was a very hot night (102 degrees) and the Stones were fantastic! I was 16 years old and it was a night I will always remember. The Stones landed via helicopter behind the stage and when the concert was over the helicopter took them away! It was such a special night.

tixgirl said...

jcarstens says:

I had the pleasure of seeing Jimi and his two other band members at Cincinnati Gardens back in 1968.He came out to play with this big round joint and proceeded to wow the sold out house.Everyone just sat there in amazement as they saw him create this new sound never to be heard again by another artist.Everyone sat politely in their seats,nobody smoked as this was way before the days of smoking cigarettes or weed at concerts.At the end of the show,Jimi proceeded to trash his guitar into the amplifiers and speakers.What a cool dude!
With Jimi later gone into the psychadelic sunset,the next great sound closest to the man himself came from a bandmember named Robin Trower.I saw his band in an old theatre in Dayton Ohio back in 1974.Yes,"Bridge of Sighs" was a cool song that brought back memories of Jimi and his band.

tixgirl said...

sithtabby says:

Best concert I ever saw was Day on the Green at the Oakland Colisseum, August , 1985. The Scorpions headlined, also on the bill was : Ratt, Y &T, Metallica, Yngvie Malmsteen's Rising Force, and some band named Victory.

tixgirl said...

bmd2853 says:

It was 1971 at the Filmore East in New York. Elvin Bishop opened. Next, the Allman Brothers with Duanne and Oakly. While they were playing they were recording for Live At The Filmore the classic album. Finally the headliners took to the stage-Johnny Winter And with Rick Derringer. At he end on the night they took a break and then all 3 bands came out to jam till about 4:00 in the morning. Union!!!!! Never. You may never see this again.

tixgirl said...

marcgert says:

The Clash-best live band ever.

tixgirl said...

stewhttk says:

I'm 62yr and have'nt seen or wanted to see any of the rock star sence Elvis, UNTIL I was taken to a PAT BENATAR concert in 2001. Sense then I've seen her 4 times and to see her again this summer at least once and maybe twice if I can afford it

tixgirl said...

blgraham49 says:

Elvis...........I saw him in concert in was like time stood still.........he was wonderful!! Wish I could turn back

tixgirl said...

telstar5019 says:


tixgirl said...

mikewynkoop says:

I did see Elvis at the Capital Center in Largo Md.My seats were in the very last row behind the stage.During the lead up band,Whom I can`t remember who it was, I saw some seats 1st row behind the stage.We all moved down there before Elvis entered.My friend got so excited she wanted to try and touch him.I bent over the rails and held her by the ankles and she missed his head by 2 inches.Elvis sang his heart out that day.He was over weght and could shake too much but his voice never changed.It was a concert highlight I will never forget.

tixgirl said...

windcriesmary112 says:

I saw Cream at Madison Square Gardenthis Fall, it was awesome, and clapton was playing with more fire than the london shows. Jack Bruce was happy along with ginger. The best song was White Room or Pressed Rat and Warthog, but Sunshine was an awesome encore.

tixgirl said...

rockenmoma79 says:

led zepplin has been the best concert i been to it was the no quater concert in new orleans louisiana back in march 10, really good friend said that before god take her with him her wish was to see led zepplin.her birthday is march 10,1962 she had her wish on her birthday than she passed away on november 28,1995and was buried on my wedding aniversary.she got her wish.and she had the time of her life something i will never forget.that is why i wish for led zepplin to return to new orleans.

tixgirl said...

bumblebee12and3 says:

My father went to Woodstock when he was 15, I think he and a friend hitch hiked. I found his old tickets the other day, pressed between the book he wrote, in their original envelope. 'Twas pretty awesome.

tixgirl said...

elg1950 says:

Saw The Beatles in Houston in 1965 when I was 14 years old.  Went to airport to wait for the plane.  Plane landed and we were about 100 yards from the plane.  Roped off with alot of security. They waved from inside looking out of the window and came down the steps and waved again.  Then we drove by the Coliseum and they had alot of people camping out so they could get could seats since it was general admission.  We went to the first show (had 2 shows) that afternoon and sat in the balcony with speakers in front of us.  We could hear everything they were saying and songs they were singing.  Show lasted about 30 minutes.  Tickets were $5.00.

tixgirl said...

x0xdogluver0x says:

The only concert I ever went to was an N*Sync concert right before they broke up. I went with one of my best friends, her sister, and her parents. We went in a limo. It was my first concert and I absoulutley enjoyed it. Though now I wish my first, and probably last, concert was to someone who's still popular today, and people my age probably listen to. I probably had more fun then my friend. Granted I did lose my voice the next day 'cause I was screaming so hard. I probably won't forget that concert for a long, long time.

tixgirl said...

mb2190 says:


tixgirl said...

cnobler says:

My fanatasy concert happened last night when my wife and I sat in the fourth row at Pala Casino ( Fallbrook, CA) to see Ringo Starr's Traveling All-Stars. The line-up was awesome---
        Ringo and Sheila E on drums
        Edgar Winter on Keyboards and sax
        Billy Squire and Richard Marx on guitars
        Hamish Stuart ( AWB) on bass
        Rod Argent (Zombies) on keyboards

Besides doing all of Ringo's great hits:
It Don't Come easy, Yellow Sub, Little Help from my friends,
What Goes On. Photgraph, Act Naturally...

The All-Stars did awesome versions of:
  Frankenstein, She's Not There, Hold Your Head Up

Sheila E is one of the best drummers flat out I have ever seen.

They all had a great time playing and Ringo is also one of the best frontman and comedians (!) I have seen on stage.

This is my third Ringo concert. I grew up with the Beatles ( I was 9 when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan) and I finally saw Paul last year in Anaheim.

I'll put Ringo and his band up against anyone!!!

tixgirl said...

thickwoodsideny says:

I acting did see Frank and Sammy!! With Liza fer crissakes (filling in for an ailing Dino).  I was 17 and went because it was just so funny to see those relics still around doing their thing (it was 1989, I went with my mom).  And plus, its Frank and Sammy, y'know.   I'll never forget when we walked to our seats at the USF Sundome - Sammy was singing 'Bad' by Michael Jackson!

tixgirl said...

gulfstreamfour2 says:

Saw the Beatles summer of 1964 with another member of my band at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles hosted by KRLA radio.  Openers were Bobby Heb, Kim Sisters, Merry- go -Round.  Girls in the crowd were tearing their clothes off.  The crowd quieted down in time to hear a perfect harmony "If you wore red tonight"  FAB!

dwfree1 said...

I saw Jimi Hendrix  outside at a little league baseball field in Oakland Calif,I was backstage wih my friend Danny Sugarman, we crawled  under the stage up to the front and I was looking right up at Jimi, if he looked down he would have seen me, but his eyes were closed. It was a, "O MY GOD" concert.

jkw5372 said...

Absolutely the most "fun" concert I was ever at was at Purdue University watching the Beach Boys In the Music Hall with everyone standing on the Theater seats, standing in the aisles and the Beach Boys lifting fans on stage.  The Purdue security finally just pulled the plug on them and that was the end of that concert.  But I have never been to a concert where everyone was so into it and the band as well.

m387m said...

Bon Jovi at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on July 15, 2006.  Been waiting five years to see them live.  Twenty-four song setlist.  Opening act was my second favorite band, Nickelback.  Saw them headline back in March.  Both shows were incredible.  Next band I see live: Green Day.

dbc122640 said...

Elvis...... I saw him in concert in L.A.........It was like time was going very slow...... I just wish I could turn back time to that moment......L.O.L!

dbc122640 said...

OMG!I love Jay-z! He is the best hip-hop singer ever!

cdalarms said...

Does anyone remember an outdoor concert held in the parking lot at the Echelon Mall in Voorhees NJ right around 1972? Redbone, Santana and some other GREAT artists/bands were there for this free event. If you were there or remember what I am talking about, PLEASE write me at - I would LOVE to hear from you!!!!

Teresa Lewis said...

Hi! I was there... Lol ... Sad to say, I don't remember much of it... Dr. Hook also was there.... I was one of the group that hung out at the Third Ear, a coffee house at the mall!! Teresa Lewis "

Betsy Marroletti said...

I was at the 11/20/72 concert at Echelon Mall at the tender age of 13 along with my friends Patty & Charmaine. We got in BIG trouble afterward, having left our homes at 10am that day and not using a pay phone (No Cell Phones Back Then) to ask Pat's dad to come collect us. We've often reminisced about what an awesome day that was and how grown-up we felt. That is, of course, until we all got grounded by our parents for our decision to go missing for over eleven hours that day. We all agree it was worth it. Can't seem to find any details on all the bands that appeared that day. Betsy Marroletti, Absecon, NJ