Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summer Concerts Poll: Wildest Tailgating Party Ever?

All right, party animals. We can all admit that summer concerts aren't always just about the music. Sometimes the party in the parking lot is half the reason we go to see a certain artist or two. Whether your fave scene is a smokey city of tapestry-trussed VW busses stretching as far as the eye can see, or a bevy of leather miniskirted, Tommy Lee-worshipping metal mistresses, the draw is undeniable. It's all about enjoying a sense of community, a sense of naked jubilation, a sense of... Hey wait! Snag me one of those margaritas, will you?

Share your all-time best tailgating stories:
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--The Grateful Dead
--Jimmy Buffett
--Motley Crue
--The Beach Boys
--Vans Warped Tour
--Van Halen
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tixgirl said...

IllinChillinAustin says:

"In my experience it is Jimmy Buffett, who capitalizes on the craziness by sending out a camera crew to record the drunken revelry in the afternoon and broadcast the tape later during the concert on the Jumbo trons. I don't know how they choose from what I'm sure is miles of images per show of keg stands, winnebago roof dancing, and girls gone wild. At least all those still passed out in lawnchairs with blow-up parrots sticking out of their pants were with us in spirit as we rocked on."

tixgirl said...

mama bear says:

for some reason credence clearwater revival revisited seemed to have that vibe. believe it or not, my mom wanted to go to that one! it was a totally sold out show with all ages, and everyone was partying. totally not what i expected. i thought there would be a handful of hippies on the lawn. i mean john fogerty was not even involved. it was a ccr knock off as far as i was concerned. anyway, I really don't even like them. just being a good daughter!  ;-) it was a very rowdy crowd. it was almost like the van halen crowd in a way, but no one was ripping up the lawn and lighting it on fire. my mom cracked me up. with the big cloud of pot smoke, she was worried she was going to get a contact high. it was hysterical.

tixgirl said...

SiouxsieSue says:

Lollapolooza. can't leave that one out. the Perry Ferrell years. Defined the term 'Mosh Pit.' IceT and Body Count. Nine Inch Nails. Siouxsie and the Banshees.

tixgirl said...

NoVaNoCaro says:

Saw Skid Row and Bon Jovi. Kiss and Whitesnake back in the 80s. Kiss with Ted Nugent. Whitesnake I don't even remember. I've seen Kiss like 6 times. HUGE kiss fan back in the day. I wanted to be gene simmons. lots of pot, gin, hair, sweat, scantily clad ladies, dudes in face paint.

majikinc said...

The Dead had the best scene before and after the show. Each venue created a mini city of tye dye and hippie trinkets  for sale as well as the finest veggie burritos and assorted beers at every turn. It was my life in the late 70's and 80's. No other band had a group of followers that finally earned the name of true deadheads. We were a traveling group of gypsies that followed the music to every state and met new and old friends on tour every year. The party was always excellant,
my dead-ication and committment to the finest touring band on the planet will never fade away.

m387m said...

I saw my first Bon Jovi concert at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philly last Saturday night.  They are my all time favorite band.  Let me tell you, it was a Hell of a show.  And to see Nickelback (my 2nd favorite band) open up for the Jovi was the coolest.  It was the best damn thing I've ever seen.  No pyros, but excellent lighting effects and stage setup.  We sat in the parking lot for about 15-20 minutes.  It was my first time in Philly and just to see the skyline in the distance made it awesome to be there.  I also love how all the major venues are in one complex.

betnc said...

missed it completely

dbc122640 said...

Jimmy buffet was the best tailgate party i'v ever been to in my whole life

djosephdennis7 said...

I don't know about the stories,but you forgot to mention where the Moody Blues are going to be playing?.

djosephdennis7 said...

I don't know about the stories,but you forgot to mention where the Moody Blues are going to be playing?.

jedvardsson1 said...


jedvardsson1 said...


hrdjrs41 said...

i saw Iron madain,motorhead,and ronnie james dio ,at merryweather post pavlian in Columbia Maryland ,3 years ago,best show i ever saw  my ears rang for 2 days,and it only cost 10.00 bucks !!fucken great show for a little money!!