Thursday, May 24, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: The Faint Play NY's Infamous MotherF'er Party Memorial Day Weekend

Where will the cool kids be this Memorial Day Weekend?

Motherfucker 7 Year Anniversary Party @ Webster Hall

They'll surely be spending Friday and Saturday obsessing over their outfits for the
hottest party in town: The Motherfucker 7 Year Anniversary Party on Sunday,
5/27 at Webster Hall!

Why is it the hottest party in town? Well, not only is it the Motherfucker crew and
their notorious New York parties, but my live favorites, The Faint, will be
headlining! I'm freaking out in anticipation. Seriously. They are responsible for one
of my Top 10 Concerts of All Time, and this will be their first NY show in almost
2 years! Omigod. Will Sunday just get here already?!

So now that I've gotten my gushing over The Faint out of the way, there's so much
more to tell you about why that night is going to be so completely stellar and over
the top. And since there's so much to tell, I'm going to let their official flyer do
most of the talking, with some of the more interesting details courtesy of their
lovely PR peeps.

But before I go, let me just leave you with this tasty little tidbit from the press release:
Dress Code: Edwardian/Victorian turn of the century Realness!
Opulent Gothic Looks, Glam Dandies, Classic Punk 76-79!

Go ahead, be a punk. Just don't punk out and miss this show.

Motherfucker 7 Year Anniversary Party @ Webster Hall Flier



Live Performance by

Michael T, Justine D, Johnny T & Georgie Seville
7 Year Anniversary Edwardian Extravaganza
Upbeat Music for Downtown Kids.


Emcees: Mistress Formika & Chi Chi Valenti

Late-Nite Performance by: Michael T & it's Glamorous Follies +
Peppermint Gummybear @ 2:30!


Main Floor Dj's:
Michael T & Justine D
with Special Guests: The Bangers [Salvalas & Fun!]

Spin: Rock & Roll, Glam, Postpunk, New Wave
& a plethora of cocaine DISCO!

In the "Oh My Goth" Coffee Bar:
DJ & Host: Xris Smack! [BYTE]
with Special Guests: Alex Chow & Ryan Rayhill
Plus, Mighty Mike Saga

Spin: Classic Goth & Industrial, Synth Pop & Electro!

Upstairs in Balcony Lounge:
Dave P [Making Time & Fixed]
JDH [fixed]

Spin: Mental Techno, Party Anthems & Sex Jams!

Your Marvelous Hosts:
Astro Earle
Tobell Von Cartier
Ron M
Dina Delicious

Salicious Go Go all Nite!

Photos by: Alexander Thompson & Visuals by: Rustyn L.Birch

Official Release Party for RVNG Mx5 from
JUSTINE D. Signed copies available at MF!
Giveaways from Cornerstone

Webster Hall
25 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-353-1600

Doors: 9:30/18+/ID A Must!

Dress Code: Edwardian/Victorian turn of the century Realness!
Opulent Gothic Looks, Glam Dandies, Classic Punk 76-79!

Door Bitch THOMAS enforces:
$25 w/invite till 1:30
$20 after 1:30w/invite only!
$30 w/out all nite!
Advance tickets here

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