Friday, May 25, 2007

HOT TIP: Hot Club of Cowtown's Elana James Plays 3-Night Stand @ Rodeo Bar This Weekend

Sticking around town this weekend, like me? Memorial Day in NYC is a great time to
play a three-night stand at the Rodeo Bar. So says Austin's Elana James, who has
brought her trio back up to the city for a little Mem Day weekend vacation of her own, at
her fave local watering hole on the Lower East Side. A little Austin country swing in the
middle of the city.

Elana of the Elana James Trio

Seeing the former fiddler and singer for the Hot Club of Cowtown at the Rodeo Bar with
the magic combination of stand-up bassist, Beau Sample, and guitarist, Whit Smith, at her
side is the kind of thing folks decide to turn into a tradition. At her last NY show, it was
common to hear an "I saw you in Portland last Spring..." here, or a "You were amazing at
SxSW..." there, yada yada.

Whit Smith of the Elana James Trio     Beau Sample of the Elana James Trio

So if you're looking for something more laid-back, down home, and downright sociable,
meet up with some folks for a bite to eat at the Rodeo Bar and stick around for the
fiddle. I'll see you there tonight, doing the very same.

The Elana James Trio's residence runs Fri-Sun this weekend at the Rodeo Bar.

Whit Smith of the Elana James Trio Elana of the Elana James Trio Beau Sample of the Elana James Trio

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