Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HOT TIP: Gogol Bordello Guarantee a Crazy New Year's Eve at Terminal 5

Looking for something extraordinary to set this New Year's Eve apart from all that came
before? Say it with me: "Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello @ Irving Plaza 7/20/07

Yessiree, the band that brought Gypsy Punk to the masses is celebrating the birth of
another year at my new favorite NY venue, Terminal 5. Why is this so extraordinary?
Well, first of all, it's Gogol Bordello. And that means it's one of the most wild,
unabashedly rowdy live acts you'll ever see. That energy whips their fans into a frenzy the
likes of which I've rarely seen at an indie rock show.

Crowd for Gogol Bordello @ Irving Plaza 7/20/07

Just look at what they did to the crowd at Irving Plaza last July (above). Then imagine
that magnified by the size of Terminal 5 (below).

Justice @ Terminal 5 102207-432

Can you picture the party? Not quite convinced? Check out how Eugene Hutz & Co.
bring down the house on a date of no particular annual importance, and imagine how that
would translate to New Years eve...

Yeah, now you see what I mean. But will I see you there? We shall see...

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Wow, that's cool. Girls on may interest in this. I will share with them on my blog. LOL