Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Breaking News: Lolla & Other Tour Cancellations

Lollapalooza: Yes, fellow music fans, it's true. Lollapalooza 2004 has been canceled. I am shocked and dismayed! Get the full story.

Wearing my "music industry" hat, on some levels I suppose I can understand. I think a 2-day traveling fest is a tough sell in the first place. Most folks will probably pick whichever day has the greatest percentage of their fave artists, rather than investing time & cash in both days. Second -- and you indie music purists will want to shoot me for saying this -- I don't think the lineups had any A-List artists capable of really roping in the $$$.  While any one of the bands on the lineup could easily support a solo tour, somehow their combined draw wasn't enough to support a 2-day fest.

Wearing my "music fan" hat, however, I was definitely seduced by the lineup -- particularly Morrissey and the Pixies. And I was looking forward to seeing what all the hubbub is about with several of the other bands on the lineup -- particularly Modest Mouse.

Why do you think Lolla couldn't make it this year? Give us your 2 cents worth.

Lollapalooza has a big place in my heart, being the source of an abnormally high number of my Top 10 concert experiences ever. (1st place, 4th place, honorable mentions, & more honorable mentions) I am saddened to see that it is having such a hard time sustaining itself in this decade. I hope Perry doesn't give up entirely next year. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he'll hit on a better concept that will prove irresistible to others besides just me.

Other Cancellations: News of Lolla 2004's demise comes hot on the heels of announcements of a slew of other A-List cancellations. First Ms. Dirrty herself, Xtina Aguilera backed out of her tour due to strained vocal chords. Next Marc Anthony (A-List status debatable) backs out, as well. Then (Ms. My-Last-Name-is-Superfluous) Britney cancels her tour due to knee surgery. With a dramatic lack of divas on tour, it's no small wonder Cher has stepped in to fill the void with her Farewell Tour muttering, "quitters!" all the way to the bank. The irony kills me.

Last year was a banner year for tours, leaving the industry wondering what the heck is happening this year?!  Tell us what you think.


brm386 said...

after the $40 tickets and then the hefty ticketmaster service charges, it would have cost me at least $50. Also, the Tweeter Center might charge for parking.  This high price forced me to have to choose between Curiosa and Lollapalooza: there is no way I could have afforded two $50 shows in one summer.  So that was my only problem.  There was an excellent lineup though and it is sad that it has to be cancelled.

winecountryinfo said...

I think this poor concert season is because people are sick and tired of the hype, vegas type performances which showcase their dance routines and lipsynching.  

It's certainly preferable to stay home and watch those types of performances on TV where you can rewind, or watch over and over.  So why go to a Brittney, Madonna, Usher, Janet Jackson concert, it's certainly not to hear them sing because they are lip synching.  So if its to watch their performance, well again unless you get front row you'd get a better view watching it from home with your remote control.  It's not worth the money to watch someone dance and lipsynch to a song.  Get a better view and sound watching that kind of performance on TV.