Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Don't Dismay! Lolla Artists On Tour

If you had your heart set on seeing your favorite artists on the Lollapalooza bill this year, don't give up all hope. Many are filling their recently emptied calendars with solo tours. Here's a handy list:

Ex-Day 1 Performers:  Sonic Youth -- Modest Mouse -- The Walkmen

Ex-Day 2 Performers:  String Cheese Incident -- Pixies -- Gomez -- The Polyphonic Spree -- Sound Tribe Sector 9

Personally, I wish Morrissey would hit DC this summer. After reading the glowing review of his show at the Apollo in NY in the June 10th issue of Rolling Stone, anyone would be a fool not to catch him. RS are more than happy to dole out 2 and 3-star ratings to live performances, but are notoriously stingy with a 4-star rating... and Morrissey Ranked 4 stars (sorry for the pun). This bit was the clincher for me: "Old classics such as 'Every Day Is Like Sunday' and 'I Know It's Going to Happen Someday' were amazing, but he zoomed past all expectations by dusting off a few Smiths tunes."  Smiths tunes?!  Please please please, Morrissey, come to DC! 

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