Monday, June 7, 2004

Louisiana Swamp Romp

In the words of the immortal Maurice Sendak in Where the Wild Things Are, "Let the wild rumpus start!"

True to my words about fave local fests, I decided last-minute to ante up and head out to the Louisiana Swamp Romp at Wolf Trap on Sunday. First allow me to say how nice it is that Wolf Trap is one of the lone remaining amphitheatres that allows its patrons to bring food and beverages. A Louisiana Swamp Romp would certainly be less of a romp without the requisite bevvies, not to mention the Mardi Gras beads. Mass drunkenness aside, the highlight of the afternoon was the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. About them I will say just this: they can bring the funk. Hallelujah, brother.

As an aside: For those of you in the metro DC area who are curious about the cicada situation at an outdoor amphitheatre show, don't stress too much. I am NOT a fan of insects, and can think of few things I like less than cicadas dive-bombing my head. So I went to Wolf Trap with much trepidation. I'm pleased to report that it really wasn't that bad!  It wasn't a swarm of biblical proportions. Nor would I use the word "infestation". In fact, the cicadas really weren't that much of an issue. So don't let the cicadas get you down. Get thee to an outdoor show immediately and soak up the summer while it lasts.

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