Monday, August 7, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Decemberists Dates Going On Sale

Oh happy day! (And Mondays are rarely that.) What's the cause celebre? The Decemberists' new tour dates are finally rolling out!

The first set of dates will go on sale on 8/12 (Sat, 10am), and the next round on 8/26 (Sat, 10am). The dates announced thus far include:

10/26/06: House of Blues New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

on sale: 08/12/06 10am


11/01/06: The Electric Factory

Philadelphia, PA

on sale: 08/12/06 10am


11/04/06: Orpheum Theatre

Boston, MA

on sale: 08/26/06 10am


11/09/06: Agora Theatre & Ballroom

Cleveland, OH

on sale: 08/26/06 10am


11/12/06: First Avenue

Minneapolis, MN

on sale: 08/26/06 10am


Red Hots, Get Your Red Hots He-uh:
Tix to The Decemberists 


Alas, NY is not among them. But I'll be keeping my eye out and will post again when the onsale date is revealed. So stay tuned!

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