Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Hip-Hop Fans: Looking For a Free Ride to the Big-Time?

Anybody out there an aspiring MC dying for a free ride to the big time? I think I've got the answer for you!

Freestyle 59, from UnCut Video:
Think you can rhyme like the Beastie Boys or flow like MC Lyte or Rakim? If so ... AOL and VH1 have teamed up to give you a shot at $10,000 and a trip to NYC for the VH1's 2006 Hip Hop Honors!

Step up to the mic and the camcorder or webcam! Show your talent and honor the Hip Hop tradition. Send us 59 Seconds of your best freestyle for a chance to be the UnCut Video finalist from AOL that will compete to win $10,000 from VH1 and a trip to NYC where you will show the world your skills at VH1’s 2006 Hip Hop Honors Award Show. Watch videos from last year’s event here.

Check it out, from UnCut Video, the web's easiest video uploading site. (You don't have to encode your videos. You can even send 'em right from your cell phone!)  Tons of my blogger pals swear by it, cuz they say it's easier than any other site.

Put my money where my mouf is? Here's one of those super-easy videos now, from a real-live Freestyle 59 entrant... just like you. Think you've got mad skillz that put this guy to shame? Time for you to put your money where your mouf is, and upload 59 seconds of your own flow.


Don't crave the spotlight for yourself? Watch and vote.
Watch and rate other submissions on UnCut Video, at the UnCut Video VH1 Freestyle 59 user submitted videos page. You don’t have to submit a video to participate, you can just watch and rate the best.

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