Friday, October 20, 2006

GOOD GOSSIP: Gorillaz, The Shins, Linkin Park, Sean Lennon, Justin Timberlake & Babs for $50K

 << Gorillaz

And speaking of Noodle... Gorillaz fans, ever wonder how the Gorillaz met? Or where they grew up? Or whether Murdoc likes to wear pink thongs? These and more questions will soon be answered! Billboard reports that they'll be releasing a biography through Penguin Books on Nov. 2nd. Personally, I want to know more about those "spooky spirit mates" known as funkyphantoms that inhabit Russell's body.

 << The Shins   

Am I the only one who's been in agonizing suspense, waiting for The Shins' next album? I got a taste of their new tunes at their summer tour stop at Williamsburg's McCarren Park Pool (see photos and watch video). But I need to listen to it obsessively in order to feel truly sated. So here's the news: Their first single will be released on iTunes on 11/14, with the full album release slated for a bizarrely post holiday season date of Jan. 23rd. Um, don't indie music fans need Christmas presents, too? And get this, New Yorkers: According to Billboard, "The Shins aren't planning to tour until next year, but will reactivate for a Nov. 2 appearance at Sub Pop's showcase during the CMJ Music Marathon in New York."

 << Linkin Park

Apparently rap-metal behemoths, Linkin Park, are going in a new direction on their next album. I suppose that's best, considering the world may well have moved on. Meanwhile, that's what folks said about "Meteora," and look how many people lapped that one right up (myself included). Their forthcoming album is being produced by Rick Rubin, who can work miracles with pretty much anybody who needs reinvention. And according to AOL Music News Blog, I guess they're going to "confound expectations" with their "experimentalism." Ok, I'll bite... at least once.

 << Sean Lennon

Is it just me, or has Sean Lennon's face been cropping up everywhere lately? (It's adorable, and I'm not complaining.) I swear I just read about him in both Time Out New York and New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, and now Pollstar. I suppose that follows, considering he's (to use a trite but apt term) rock royalty, and he's just released his second-ever solo album. Only two? In all these years? He's 31, already, can you believe? I digress... The big news is he's launching a tour. After hitting the UK and a couple Continental countries, Pollstar tells us, "The North American leg will begin in Los Angeles November 18 at the El Rey Theatre. Concerts are planned across the country over the next five weeks, finishing at New York City's Bowery Ballroom December 23." Again, lucky New Yorkers are we! Egads, I hope I'm not out of town for the holidays. Detroit just isn't anywhere near as cool as the Bowery Ballroom.

 << Justin Timberlake 

Apologies if you're sick of me bringing him up, but I can't help it. The boy can actually sing. And he hasn't failed at bringing sexyback. So, indulge me... Some interesting new tidbits have come to light about the upcoming tour: A.) It's officially called the FutureSex/LoveShow Tour; B.) It kicks off in San Diego on January 8th; C.) Onsale dates haven't yet been announced, so keep holding your breath until his fan club releases the info; and D.) He's performing in the round. To me, that last bit is the exciting part. It means there are way more front row-esque seating options than there would be otherwise. So lots of us get to see his sexy back, and his sexy front. Sorry, couldn't resist.

 << Babs for $50K

What, you thought she retired? Well, so did lots of other folks. You know, the ones who forked over a thousand dollars to see her Farewell Tour. No wait, not this farewell tour. The last one. I have much respect for La Streisand, but I have to admit that the price tag on the last tour repulsed me. So when she announced that she'd be "coming out of retirement" for a new tour, I instantly checked the ticket prices. You guessed it, the *cheapest* seats went for $1K a pop. I went from repulsed to... well, what's worse than repulsed? So when I heard that fans were banding together to sue because they felt they had been duped into believing the previous claim of retirement and had shelled out the big bucks for what they thought would be their last chance ever to see THE Barbara Streisand live, I screamed, "Huzzah! Finally! The tyranny of the false farewell tour comes to an end, and the $1K price tag dies in one fell swoop!" But the latest in the saga just puts that meagre price tag to shame. Those tickets are K-Mart in comparison to the YSL that is this news: According to Pollstar, La Streisand is offering "$50,000 meet-and-greets during her 20-city tour, with the money going to charity." It's so outrageously over the top, what can one do with this news? Ask me in another ten years when she comes out of retirement a third time, and ups the ante yet again. P.S. "The Streisand Foundation has allocated $15 million to charity since its inception in 1986," says Pollstar.

Got $1K - $50K burning a hole in your pocket? Here's a quick link for tickets:

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