Wednesday, October 4, 2006

What Made Milwaukee Famous

With a subject line like that, how can you help but click, right? Believe it or not, that happens to be the name of one my new fave bands, which I feel compelled to evangelize. Yes, that's right, they're called What Made Milwaukee Famous. And they're not from Milwaukee.

Chew on this: They're from Austin. Yes, you heard right. Texas.  I was initially going to title this post, "Awesome in Austin: New Fave Band Alert." But why bother, when the band name is infinitely more intriguing, eh?

OK, so what made What Made Milwaukee Famous famous is their incredible pop sensibility, and their ability to fashion hooks which deftly aim for exactly that knee-jerk head-bob response one can't fight when faced with power pop of the highest calibre. Case in point, their single-worthy "Hellodrama." See for yourself:


On top of that, they're a great live band who are just polished enough to retain that personalized indie barroom vibe. And they're just plain darned funny. As you can see from the aforementioned "Hellodrama" clip above.

I entered their 9/29 show at New York's Bowery Ballroom with exceedingly high expectations, and I left grinning my ass off. (All that "WOOOOO!"ing in these videos is me, as embarrassing as that may be to admit now.) I usually get annoyed as all hell when bands mumble and gab inanely between tunes as they tune their guitars. But in their case, I got a glimpse into their personalities, rather than highly crafted stage "personas."

I want to drink a beer with these guys. I want to get invited to that party at the end of the album cut of "Bldg. a Boat from the Boards in Your Eye." But instead, I got to catch that cut live. Check it:

Bldg. a Boat from the Boards in Your Eye

...and it was a party, anyway.

To hear them is to love them. To see them is to love them. So go do both.

Upcoming Shows ( view all )
Oct 4 2006 8:00P
Lee's Palace w/ The Long Winters Toronto
Oct 5 2006 8:00P
Magic Stick w/ The Long Winters Detroit, MI
Oct 6 2006 8:00P
Subterranean w/ The Long Winters Chicago, IL
Oct 7 2006 8:00P
Triple Rock w/ The Long Winters Minneapolis, MN
Oct 9 2006 8:00P
Larimer Lounge w/ The Long Winters Denver, CO
Oct 12 2006 9:00P
Spaceland w/ The Long Winters Los Angeles, CA
Oct 13 2006 9:00P
Cafe Du Nord w/ The Long Winters San Francisco, CA

Here's a quick link for tix:

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