Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FESTIVAL NEWS: Rock the Bells Brings Hip-Hop to the Festival Circuit - Dates & Lineups

The Roots at Nokia 3/11/07
>>The Roots at Nokia Theater, NY 3/11/07

Ever wonder why there's no Coachella for Hip-Hop? No Bumbershoot for beat boys? Well, apparently so has Guerilla Union, and now they've come up with a remedy: The North American Festival Series, Rock the Bells.

Hitting New York on 7/28, San Bernardino on 8/11 and San Francisco on 8/18, this is one ambitious traveling circus that bills itself as "a world-class hip-hop platform." Below are a few more descriptive adjectives, courtesy of the Rock the Bells MySpace page. Skip to the bottom for the full lineup, including Rage Against the Machine, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, The Roots, Nas and Mos Def! Could the lineup possibly be more impressive?

Few events can claim to both capture and define a movement, yet this is precisely what Rock The Bells has done since its inception in 2003. Rock The Bells is more than a music festival. It has become a genuine rite of passage for thousands of core, social, conscious, and independent Hip Hop enthusiasts, backpackers, and heads. Following in the colorful tradition and history of past Hip Hop music festivals such as Smoking Grooves and Cypress Hill's Smoke Out, Rock The Bells is the ultimate Hip Hop platform and premiere music experience in America. Rock The Bells has established a forum of unparalleled diversity and excellence by uniting the biggest names involved with urban culture. Rock The Bells prides itself for producing a spectacular music environment that is exciting, safe, and memorable. Rock The Bells has grown exponentially over the past years and has developed a reputation for keeping true to its core audience. Past Rock The Bells experiences have included a number of world-class Hip Hop acts including, KRS-One, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill, Hieroglyphics, Busta Rhymes, Cypress Hill, Sage Francis, Jaylib, Redman, Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, and a host of others. Rock The Bells strives to expose all the elements of Hip Hop culture. Whether it's an emcee battle, turntable exhibition, or b-boy circle, Rock The Bells represents, respects, and recognizes all aspects of the culture. History was made in 2004 as Rock The Bells hosted the reunions of the entire Wu-Tang Clan and legendary Tribe Called Quest. MTV, The Source, URB, Rolling Stone, and L.A. Times have all celebrated Rock The Bells . Rock The Bells will feature a massive indoor/outdoor festival complete with traditional vendor booths, multimedia experiences, and historic surprise performances. The evolution of urban street culture has forged its own unique movement in this world. Finally, there's an event that identifies and gives voice to the people and ideas that are continuing to shape it. If anyone is looking for a window into the future of this culture, Rock The Bells is as good as it gets.

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