Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HOT TIP: Insider's Deal on Bumbershoot 3-Day Passes for Super-Secret Special $60 Price!

Hey Pacific Northwesterners, and folks willing to travel for a great show... The folks from Bumbershoot are offering a super-steep discount for 3-day passes to the fest! Here's the deets:

BumberFans, we've got a sweet Insider's Deal for you. You listening? We're giving you a head start on your summer planning, AND passing on some incredible savings to you. Bumbershoot 3-day passes are available now ONLY for BumberFans, at the insanely low price of $60.

Just visit the Bumbershoot Store, log in and enter the promotional code "INSIDER" to get your hook-up.

This deal is available ONLY to BumberFans while limited quantities last, so if your friends want in, they will have to join the club, too. Be sure to let 'em know, and hurry up about it… this is a limited offer!

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