Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Snow Patrol at 9:30 Club

Went to my fave venue, DC's 9:30 Club, on Saturday to catch Snow Patrol, with opener Carina Round. I'd not heard of Snow Patrol until a fellow music-fiend recommended I check them out. (Thanks, Shannon!) With the help of another of our music-fiend friends, we were able to get on the list for free tix (Drew rocks!), so we were off and running  for an evening of Brit Pop.

Snow Patrol, out of Glasgow, Scotland, is some of the best new indie alterna-pop I've heard out of the UK in a while. I particularly like the moodiness in the songwriting, the melodic hooks, and the quality of the lead vocals. Something about their sound is evocative of a rainy Saturday at 3am in Glasgow. It's not overly earnest, boozy or romantic -- but you can hear hints of all three. Check out their latest album, Final Straw at AOL Music, and decide for yourself if this description comes even close. Post your own opinion!

Their live show was kickin. Definitely check them out, if you can. It's their first tour of the US and the crowd loved them, which really amped up their energy. I know the NY shows sold out, but I'd imagine that they're new enough on the scene that most other cities will have tickets left. Look for tickets.

Also worth mentioning is opener Carina Round. Her voice reminded me of a young Siouxsie Sioux, tempered with a little Sinead O'Connor (thanks, Shannon, for nailing the Sinead reference). Most memorable for me was the fact that their bassist played standup throughout most of the gig. I've never heard a standup bass sound heavy before. Amazing. Carina Round made for a great double-bill, which was a nice surprise.

All in all, a killer night. Don't you justlove going to a live show on a lark, and leaving loving the band with a new CD in hand?

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