Monday, April 12, 2004

What are your top 10?

I'd love to hear about other folks' top 10 shows ever. Or even your top 1 or 2 if you can only think of a few off the top of your head. Add your list so folks can see!


jamiemottram00 said...

top 10 would require more thought than i'm capable of at the moment, but here are my shows of the year dating back a few:
2001 -- the strokes
2002 -- wilco
2003 -- white stripes
2004 -- the shins
of course, all of these will be dwarfed by the brilliance of coachella, which i'll be attending next month!

mcshan2 said...

I didn't really want to start negative (and I will post my Top 10 list) but I also wanted to add my list of Most Disappointing shows ever:

Most Disappointing – in no particular order:

-Sisters of Mercy, Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
April 5, 1991

I had been looking forward to finally seeing this other seminal Goth band --  not to mention what state of preservation Andrew Eldritch was in (he’s on the Keith Richards plan) -- for years. However, like some Spinal Tap-ian moment someone seemed to put the fog machine on 11.  While the sound was great, nobody could see a thing.  If I wanted to just listen, I could have stayed home.  It didn’t help either that I had a horrible cold and spent most of the show wandering around with a box of Kleenex (how un-Goth like!).  At least my friend Ayhan got his ass groped in the midst of the pit – that made his evening.

-Echo & The Bunnymen, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
September 7, 1984

With Billy Bragg opening, this seemed like a great show.  Unfortunately, Ian McCulloch was so trashed he could barely stand up for most of the night.  Kind of ruins the performance.

-New Order Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA  
September 1985

They sound fabulous on CD, but are truly the most boring band live - EVER.  Absolutely no stage presence whatsoever.  Still love their albums though.

-Depeche Mode, Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA (Fans Only show) August 1990

Dave Gahan must have been descending into his heroin-chic era – or maybe he was already in the depths of addiction - because his normally charming front man persona was not to be found this evening.  Perhaps the fact this was a Fans Only show (who really didn’t need to be won over) meant less effort, but all 4 members looked completely bored and uninspired. It’s sad when the opening band (Nitzer Ebb) is more exciting than the ma

tixgirl said...

I totally agree with mcshan2's thoughts on seeing New Order. I saw them on tour with The Sugarcubes & P.I.L. c. 1989.  I remember being shocked by how boring they were. It was just a bunch of people standing behind computers & keyboards pressing buttons. They weren't even bobbing their heads or anything.