Monday, April 12, 2004

Why You Should Buy A Plane Ticket Right Now & Get Your Butt to Coachella

I'm so jealous of all the folks going to Coachella this year!!!!  Let me count the reasons...

1. It's Radiohead's one and only show in the US for all of 2004, according to their website and several news sources. ARGH! 

2. A reunited Pixies will play, and I never got to see them in their heyday... made worse by the fact that they dropped out of UMass before I got there. (Yes, they wrote a song about how much they hated it there. It's educational!)

3. The Cure

4. Belle & Sebastian

5. The Flaming Lips

6. The Crystal Method

7. Dizzee Rascal -- THE biggest buzz in hip-hop imported from the UK.

8. Bright Eyes

9. Wilco

10. I've never been to Coachella before and this is the year to go.

Have you ever been to Coachella? Share your stories of Coachellas past and present.


jremondino00 said...

1. MADONNA!!!!: I saw her Who's That Girl Tour in Milan, Italy and haven't seen her live since. Would LOVE to go again!

2. James Taylor: Have never seen him, would love to go, just to say I've seen him.

3. Dave Matthews Band: Love their music and have never seen them live.

4. Sarah McLauchlin: She's such a fantastic vocalist! I could listen to her sing all day.
Comment from jremondino00 - 4/1/04 5:43 PM

mrgoodshow said...

Word Up! Coachella is an amazing event. I went the last two years and was blown away both times by the quantity and quality of the performances. Two years ago The Crystal Method stole the show. Their mind bending set even trumped a performance by the ever amazing Bjork. I too am so bummed that I can't make it this year, the lineup is absurd!