Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CMJ MADNESS: Brooklyn Vegan’s Recommendations Help Us Cut Through The Noise at CMJ

OK, so I've been poring over the CMJ schedule, and just as in years past, I've noticed
that old familiar creeping sensation of being overwhelmed. (*sigh*) This may be
unbloggerly conduct, but I'm going to admit my extreme uncoolness and announce, "I
have never heard of most of these bands! Who the Hell am I going to choose?!" I mean,
I love a whole slew of the band names (The Most Serene Republic, Care Bears on Fire,
The Beasts of Eden, Tall Firs, and most especially Giddy-up, Helicopter), but is that
reason enough to see them? Ummmm...

Granted, there ARE tons of bands whose shows I've been anxiously awaiting for weeks,
and in the case of Via Audio, months even. But still, I know I could use some advice
from a sage one, full of CMJ wisdom. Couldn't you?

As if on cue, enter Pop Tarts Suck Toasted and Brooklyn Vegan: The Interview. Thank
you, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted. Not only have you revealed Brooklyn Vegan's name
(Dave), but you've also had the forethought to provide us with a lovely Q&A to help us
mine our CMJ schedules and make the most of our precious time to rock. A few snippets
to whet the appetite:

- Out of your lineups what bands are you most excited to see?
I'm really excited to see everyone, but of course there's the Black Kids coming up
here from Florida, and then there's the return of the Maccabees from the UK who I
loved last time they played NYC. Then of course there's the Meat Puppets. Saturday
night at 205 I'm doing an afterparty with David Bruno, and we have Professor Murder
playing as King Oppression which is like their other identity –they sing Professor
Murder songs over other people's beats - live remixes I guess – or something like that.
They did it at a Pitchfork Festival after-party in Chicago, and supposedly it went over
really well there, so I can't wait.

- Are there any other blogger's shows that you are interested in seeing during the week?
Gothamist, Underrated, After the Jump, Big Stereo, and Pop Tarts Suck Toasted of
course. Are there others? I haven't totally figured out everything going on yet.

-Read the whole interview at Pop Tarts Suck Toasted.
-Study the CMJ showcase schedules and build your own.
-Get to know Brooklyn Vegan and why his opinion counts.

LCD Soundsystem @ Randal's Island
>>James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Randall's Island, 10/6/07

I'll find a way to make it work, I will!
For my part, I am going to do my damnedest to see the following:
--Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Bowery featuring Voxtrot
--James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) DJ Set at Hiro (not officially CMJ?)
--Via Audio at Lions Den and Ace of Clubs
--Mates of State at Avalon and The Annex
--Fools Gold Records showcase at Hiro featuring Cool Kids & Kavinsky
--Islands & ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead at Highline Ballroom
--New Young Pony Club at Studio B
--Dirty Vegas at Highline Ballroom
--Sister Suvi at Mo Pitkin's
--British Sea Power at Bowery
--The Shalitas at Europa
--Simian Mobile Disco at Music Hall of Williamsburg
--Abigail Warchild at Trash
--Illinois at Midway
--Band of Horses at Bowery
--Matt & Kim at Music Hall of Williamsburg
--Spoon at Roseland
--And just, frankly, because it seems like a good idea: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir at
Cake Shop or Union Pool.

Illinois @ Irving Plaza 5/10/07
>>Illinois at Irving Plaza, 5/10/07

Film Festival Recommendation: Greetings From The Shore
Directed by Greg Chwerchak
At IFC on 10/17, 3:30pm
--Winner, Best Feature: Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
--Winner, Best Feature: Red Bank International Film Festival
--Winner, Best Feature: Hope & Dreams Film Festival
--Winner, Best Narrative Feature / Best of the Fest / Best Actress: Great Lakes Independent Film Festival
--Premiere: Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival
--Official Selection: World Film Festival, Montreal
--Still to come: New Orleans Independent Film Festival (10/11-10/18), Oakland International Film Festival (10/18), Red Rock Film Festival (11/4), Queens International Film Festival (11/8-11/11), more...
--Read a review: "Indie Films Take Spotlight In Hope"

--Full Schedule: Showcases and other live music performances
--Full Schedule: Film Festival screenings
--Full Schedule: Panels and conference events
--Registration: Get a CMJ Badge and get in on the action


openappled said...

Hey, if you're going to check out Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, make sure to check out Brighton, MA too (former SYGC singer/song writer Matthew Kerstein's new band).  They're playing Friday night at Arlene's Grocery.

poptartssuckted said...

Well seeing as you liked my interview with Vegan so much perhaps you'd like to check out my day show at The Delancey on Friday afternoon. It's going from noon till 5pm and features a slew of bands you never heard of like Animandibles, Meowskers, Bridges and Powerlines, A Brief Smile, Mannequin Men, Bad Veins, and The Diggs.

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

simonsayscarly said...

definitely go see Giddy-up, helicopter! i saw them in boston and they were amazing.  they're driving all the way up from florida. i think they're playing the first night of the festival.

mariowinchells said...

giddy-up, helicopter!, i am x, and saturday looks good to me are all shows you can't miss see you there?

newbornbabywhnny said...

Oh my god!  I saw Giddy-Up, Helicopter! in Chicago this summer and they were incredible!