Wednesday, October 24, 2007

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: Klaxons @ Webster Hall

Nu-rave, nu-shmave. Genre labels be damned, Klaxons are a party band. And I don't
mean the kind you suffered through while waiting in line for the keg. I mean they're the
kind of band that brings the party. It's nigh impossible to avoid having fun at a Klaxons
show, no matter how gray your day was, nor how dead set against grinning like a fool
you may be. I mean seriously, there I was at Webster Hall on 10/12 having lost my
schmancy new cell phone and my driver's license, and I still couldn't help but forget my
troubles and shake my @$$.

Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207044_edited

With their infectious beats, multi-part harmonies and synth-laden sonics, it's no wonder
the Mercury Prize winners are catnip to the club kid set. And the club kids were certainly
out in force at Webster Hall, requisite glow sticks in hand. But with a heavier, more
aggro tone to several of their tunes, they've drawn a much more diverse crowd than I
would have expected. And that made me happy.

Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207127_edited   Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207139   Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207223                                 

Why? It shows promise. Not only does it mean the US market can see beyond the
pigeon-holing labels, but it also means that Klaxons have a good shot at having legs. They
may well achieve the brass ring of longevity and ever-broadening appeal that signals a
solid future in the biz. I can't wait to see what they do next.

Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207145

Unfortunately, I may have to. The Webster show was their last US performance at the
tail end of a grueling touring season that saw them in Cali as early as April at Coachella.
After such a lengthy road, who can blame them for heading back across the pond to
savor their Mercury Prize win and relax. ...And then hopefully start the party up again.

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