Thursday, October 25, 2007

HOT TIP: Whitey Plays Cheeky Bastard’s DUMBO Loft Party this Halloween Weekend

Got plans for this Halloween weekend? Despite being in semi-hibernation since CMJ 
& Justice / Midnight Juggernauts, this DUMBO loft party with Whitey is just what the
doctor ordered to get me up and out the door in my dancing shoes... matching my
costume, of course.

Whitey Loft Party Flyer from Cheeky Bastard

Cheeky B*stard Loft Party!!!!
Featuring Whitey & Rory Phillips (Trash,UK)
Saturday Oct 27 - in DUMBO. Open Bar All Night!

When we heard that one of the best electro artists ever to come out of the UK, Whitey
(a.k.a. Nathan J Whitey) was going to be in town this weekend and looking to perform,
we just simply had to throw a party... and seeing as we haven't thrown a loft party for a
while... well... you know how it goes.

Whitey (currently on Dimmak Records in the US) has caught the ear of many in the music
industry. You have probably heard his single 'Non Stop' on the Mitusubishi commercial -
but if that's all you have heard then you are missing out. Whitey has remixed (among
others) Soulwax, Chromeo, Kylie, Bloc Party... and his tracks have appeared on
compilations by from Kitsune Records, The Glimmers and too many more to mention.
His latest album 'The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train' is nothing short of
breathtaking, and he has a new album due out shortly.

>>Get all the details<<  with the restof this handy flyer from those Cheeky Bastards.
Note: It says absolutely nothing about costumes being required for entry, so you have
no excuse to stay home!

Now where did I put that wig?


Don't live in NYC?
Whitey's on tour!
Full sked below.

Whitey Tour Schedule Poster

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