Thursday, January 25, 2007

BUZZ BAND: Teddybears

Who are the Teddybears?
1. A trio of Swedes who met in art school.

2. Reformed grindcore musicians.

3. Born again dance-riot inciters, with a punk rock heart pumping electronica through their veins.

4. Dancehall afficionadoes, with Elephant Man on speed dial.

5. Sweet-talkers who like their pop tarts Neneh Cherry-flavored.

6. Three men who only appear in public wearing huge bear heads.

7. Gents who know Iggy Pop as the 'best dressed chicken in town.'

8. Recipients of the Word of sweet sweet music from the dance groove Gods.

9. Musicians awed by the odd experience of working with Ebbot Lundberg, of The Soundtrack of Our Lives:
", as everybody knows, the psychedelic shaman-master of the apocalypse. A genuine modern day Alistair Crowley. He spent the first two hours in our studio reading out loud to us from some weird Kabbalah book, all the while insisting that the three of us sit completely still on the floor. He wouldn't let us start recording him until we had freed ourselves from all our 'petty bourgeois mind frames.'"

When is it appropriate to play Soft Machine, by Teddybears?
1. Next time you decide to throw your own dance party in defiant rejection of the criminal lack of any good dance rock shows on a given night. With a strikingly different vocalist and a decidedly varied musical vibe from one song to the next, it's like having your very own in-house DJ for 45 minutes of sheer party bliss.

2. Next time you need something to keep your energy up for the subway ride home from a show. I challenge you not to strut as you walk from the station to your front door. By the time you get home, their pulsing grooves will have you amped up and considering heading right back out again.

3. Next time you consider using your carpet as a makeshift dance studio, jazzercizing your way to buns of steel, sweat flying in slow-mo from your forehead like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

4. Next time you turn on that trusty lustly lava lamp at 3am, by the light of which you hope to find something electronigroovy to chill out to in your living room, masquerading as faux opium den of sin.

5. Next time you catch yourself fantasizing about your fellow commuters as extras in a music video to accompany the soundtrack of your life. Oh wait, you're already listening to the Teddybears...

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