Tuesday, August 7, 2007

BUZZ BAND: Just Jack is TixGirl's Pick for I F'n Love This Song on Spinner.com

Everybody loves to trumpet their favorite breaking artists, but this time I've put my music
where my mouth is, so to speak. Catch my latest pick for I Freakin Love This Song on
uber music blog Spinner.com:

Just Jack @ Hiro Ballroom 7/31/07  >>Just Jack live at Hiro Ballroom, NY, 7/31/07

Just Jack: Writer's Block
Is it 'Spiderman''s MJ or 'Harold and Kumar''s Mary Jane you're flying high with, Jack?
With insider references to bullet trains and Lois Lane, 'Writer's Block' is enough to make
a stoner ComiCon buff's day. Sorry, Spidey, but in this debut issue from North Londoner
Just Jack, the bass line is the real superhero. Funkier than Superman's trunks after a busy
day saving the planet, the bass is the driving force behind the tune, and a surprising
counterpoint to Jack's Cockney patter. With such a disco-driven core and his call-outs to
comic culture, it's easy to overlook the fact that his ruminations on impending fame and
the music biz are the real thrust of the song. Read the rest & listen to the tune!

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