Friday, August 31, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park Summerstage 8/19/07

Rufus Wainwright's sold-out Central Park Summerstage show was on a soggy beast of a
day. Yet despite the downpour, his multitude of die-hard fans started lining up in the early
afternoon to get the best spots at the outdoor venue at Rumsey Playfield.

Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07

The weather didn't dampen Rufus' spirit, though. On the contrary -- his performance was
even more enthusiastic and charismatic than the high level fans have come to expect from
him. We were treated to much the same set that those of us that had caught his Gramercy shows
received, but the love he showed his fans for sticking it out through the muck and mire
made this show unique.

Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07
Famously stylish, Rufus cut a dapper figure in his outlandishly striped, yet still chic suit,
sans shirt. The rhinestone brooches were the stars to his rainbow stripes, he explained,
which helped him stand out against the muted stars and stripes theme of the set design
and his backing band's getups. Though he may sing that he's "so tired of America," he still
wore his patriotism on his sleeve.  Well, every part of him, actually, save his bare chest.

Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07 
Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07  Flautist with Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07  
Stand-outs for me were his performances of the glittering "Release the Stars" (watch
below), a heartbreaking rendition of "The Art Teacher," the let-me-try-that-one-more-time
piano acrobatics of "Tulsa," and of course, the now-infamous drag routine that closes out
his second set.

Though he may not be doing Judy at Carnegie anymore, he's channeling La Garland every
night on tour. And as evidenced by his show at Central Park Summerstage, he nightly
earns his title as one of the world's greatest entertainers.

Rufus Wainwright in Drag @ Gramercy 6/5/07  Rufus Wainwright in Drag @ Gramercy 6/5/07  Rufus Wainwright in Drag @ Gramercy 6/5/07     

Catch Rufus, if you can. You'll immediately understand why his fans are willingto brave
a deluge for him.

--Central Park Summerstage, 8/19
--Gramercy Theatre, 6/5-6/6
--Coachella 2007, 4/27
Carnegie Hall, Wainwright Family Christmas 2006

--Rufus Solo Shows
--Wainwright Family Christmas

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