Monday, August 27, 2007

RUMORS ABOUND: My Bloody Valentine To Reunite for Coachella 2008?

OK folks, I'm seeing this popping up on reputable sites all over the place, so I feel
honor-bound to report it. There's every chance that seminal 90s shoegazing
noisemongers, My Bloody Valentine, will pull a Jesus & Mary Chain and reunite to
headline Coachella. That's Coachella 2008.

To report that MBV is reforming for Coachella 2008 is much like announcing I've got a
royal flush before the river has revealed the fifth card that may make my hand. Music is
sometimes a gambling game, and I'm not prepared to go all in on this one. But I can tell
you that with buzz this loud, the odds are in our favor...

"According to sources in the United States and the United Kingdom who are familiar with
the negotiations, the band is close to signing a deal that will see a reunited My Bloody
Valentine headline Coachella, scheduled for
April 25–27, before embarking on a world
tour sometime later in 2008."
-- The Daily Swarm

"Several people have had a chance to run to Kevin Shields at various recent events
(Meltdown, Moscow gig). Apparently Kevin told them that a new album and tour are in
store for 2008. Supposedly the album is almost done...
A curious thing has happened.
There now appears to be an official My Bloody Valentine
myspace site. It even has alink
to Could this be a signal that the new album and tour rumours
are actually true?
" --

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--Bowlie forums

Dare we dream about that show at Webster that Brooklyn Vegan mentions? Oh please
please please let it be so!

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