Monday, August 27, 2007

CANCELLATION NEWS: The Cure Postpones their 2007 North American Tour

Though it is with a heavy heart that I bring you news of the postponement of The Cure's
2007 North American tour dates, I am happy to report that there is a silver lining to this
cloud. This is not an outright cancellation. Damn right, it isn't! The monarchs of mope are
rescheduling their lost dates for April and May 2008.

Yes, I know, it's an awful long time to wait. But you've already waited a few years...
Could 6 more months really be all that bad?

Thanks to their lovely publicity peeps, I'm pleased to present the announcement letter
from Robert Smith and his Cure cronies...

With all apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment it may
cause, we have made a decision to move the September/October 2007
North American Cure shows to April/May 2008.
The schedule as it stands only gives us a couple of weeks to finish
our new double album before we hit the road again, and we know this
just isn't enough time to complete the project to our genuine
We also want to create a new live show for North America, and
incorporate new songs... and we need time and focus to do this.
So although we can agree it is a great shame to move these dates -
believe us we have been looking forward to them more than anyone!
we honestly
feel that in the bigger picture we are making the right
All tickets held for all 2007 North American Cure shows will be
valid for the re-scheduled 2008 shows, and of course anyone who
seeks a refund will be able to get one.

All refund/rescheduling detailswill be announced very soon.
Once again, our genuine apologies to anyone who is upset by this
announcement - please be encouraged by our promise:
The spring 2008 Cure shows will be even better than the fall 2007
ones would have been!!!
See you all soon...
Robert, Simon, Jason and Porl - The Cure 8/07

In the meantime, remember the immortal words of Robert Smith, "Boys don't cry." So,
boys, cheer yourself up with the eternally funny, always relevant Raba Smeef
episode of South Park:

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