Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NEW PHOTOS: Badly Drawn Boy @ Spiegeltent in New York on 8/14/07

Though I love the Spiegeltent, perhaps it's not exactly the right venue for every occasion.
At least that's my thinking after seeing one of my heroes, Damon Gough, performing many
of his best Badly Drawn Boy tunes under the tent.

Badly Drawn Boy @ Spiegeltent 8/14/07

It was an off night for the master from Manchester. And I have to chalk it up to the
venue. While it may be perfect for DJs and solo acoustic acts, I'm beginning to think it
may not be best for a band that is fully wired -- even if the music has an acoustic attitude
at its heart.

I never thought I'd find myself praising Wester Hall, but his set last winter at Webster
featured such a far superior sound that I found myself wistful for that winter show. So
allow me to present one of the more brilliant moments from that show to act as a
soundtrack as you read the review of Badly Drawn Boy @ Webster

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