Thursday, August 2, 2007

FESTIVAL NEWS: Baltimore's Virgin Festival Schedule Released for August 4 & 5 at Pimlico

No, New Yorkers, we aren't the only city on the East Coast with a music scene.
If the Baltimore Club sound wasn't enough to convince you that Balmer's got their
own thing going on, then maybe the Virgin Festival will.

At Pimlico Race Course from August 4th - 5th, the 2007 Virgin Fest relies heavily
on international buzz bands like Peter Bjorn & John, CSS, Amy Winehouse, Regina
Spektor & NY's own LCD Soundsystem, while they also have the clout to haul in
legendary artists with a far more broad appeal, a la The Police, Incubus, the Beastie
Boys and Wu-Tang Clan.
Coachella 2007 - Amy Winehouse  Wu-Tang Clan @ Rock the Bells 7/28/07 Wu-Tang Clan @ Rock the Bells 7/28/07  Coachella 2007 - LCD Soundsystem
>>L to R: Amy Winehouse, Method Man & Rza of Wu-Tang Clan, and LCD Soundsystem

Looking at the newly released Festival Schedule, it's hard to imagine how one
could prioritize one's time. But their handy little Custom Schedule Planner sure
makes it a lot easier.

Simply click the bands you want to see most, reconsider your priorities, silently
ask the Rock Gods why you're being forced to choose, reconsider again, and
print. Its nifty little interactive interface makes it easy to recondiser, rinse and
repeat. Those of us without OCD can just print out the sked below and wing it!

2007 Virgin Festival Schedule August 4-5

Need some advice? If you're not dead set on catching the first 20 minutes of each
set, or you want a home base where your peeps can find each other throughout
the fest, I'd spend Saturday largely camped out at the South Stage, and Sunday at
the North Stage. But that's just me. How bout you?

Regina Spektor  Coachella 2007 - Peter Bjorn & John  Matisyahu's Festival of Lights @ Hammerstein, 12/17/06  Coachella 2007 - CSS
>>L to R:
Regina Spektor, Peter of Peter Bjorn & John, Matisyahu, and CSS

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