Friday, September 14, 2007

BUZZ BAND: Sarah Blasko Releases New Album & Plays the Living Room

Are you free tonight? New Yorkers, even if you already have plans, I encourage you to
drop everything and head to the Living Room by 7pm. One of the most incredible new
artists I've happened upon in the last few years is coming to US shores for a pitiably small
number of shows (only 3?!). If it was left up to 'lil ol' selfish me, she'd be doing a weekly
residence in NY, just so I could have the joy of hearing her repeatedly. Yes, I dig her that

Who is this mysterious female? Australia's Sarah Blasko.

I first discovered Sarah when she opened for Martha Wainwright at the Bowery Ballroom
in 2005, and was literally struck dumb the moment she opened her mouth to sing. Well,
that's not entirely true -- I cheered my head off in-between each and every tune. Yes, I
had given her debut disc, "The Overture and the Underscore," a cursory listen ahead of
time to prep for the show. But as can happen with some of the best albums, the tunes
didn't reveal themselves as brilliant upon the first listen. It wasn't until I witnessed her
powerful, emotive, jaw-dropping live performance that I realized what would be in store
for me when I gave the disc a second listen. It hasn't left my playlist since.

We now have two new reasons to love Sarah Blasko:
1. She's finally released her eagerly anticipated sophomore album, "What The Sea Wants,
The Sea Will Have." Best of all, you can give the whole thing a listen, in its entirety...
FREE. But catch it quick, it's only streaming here for a limited time:
--AOL Full CD Listening Party

2. She's gracing us with her presence, in person! Catch her at a scant trio of live shows:
--Sept. 14 at the Living Room, NYC
--Sept. 21 at the Living Room, NYC
--Sept. 26 at the Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

May I humbly suggest you go grab your calendar and make some plans. Like right now.
You won't regret it. Then grab your coziest chair and settle in for some wistfully beautiful
music that is one part Radiohead, one part The Sundays, and one part elven magic or
something. She's otherworldly.

See you at the Living Room tonight...

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