Thursday, September 27, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Jamie T @ The Bowery Ballroom 9/13/07

What's the hottest accessory for NY hipsters these days? A London accent. Or at least a
playlist that comes heavily loaded with Brits who flaunt their natural-born accents when
they sing, rather than going with the usual American blues impersonation. Would I go so
far as to call it another British Invasion? Not really. But the likes of Mike Skinner (The
Streets), Lily Allen, and newcomer Just Jack are now the big buzz kids in the NY show scene.

Add to that list Jamie T.

Jamie T @ NY's Bowery Ballroom 9/13/07

With an accent so thick you could stand a spoon up straight in it, the lad is the latest of
the lot to be critically lauded in his native land and shipped stateside to test the fame
machine that is the US music scene. (I mean really, he's on Zomba, for @$%'s sake.)

September found the wonderboy from Wimbledon hopping the pond for a series of US
shows, including multi-night runs in NY and LA. His Williamsburg Union Pool and
Bowery Ballroom shows were must-sees for the indie in-kids. With a recent nomination
for the UK's uber-prestigious 2007 Mercury Prize under his belt, can you blame the
hipsters for indulging their curiosity in the bright new Brit? I'll admit my own curiosity was
piqued by the odd contrast of the Mercury Prize nomination and the lukewarm review of
a previous show by the reliably spot-on Brooklyn Vegan blog. Hmmm, what to make of it?

Sporting a spitting style and a curled lip, Jamie T looked and sounded oddly like a very
young Empire of the Sun-era Christian Bale. But a little less polished and perfected, and
a lot more rock and roll.

Though the arrangements and slick production mute the effect on his recordings, his live
performance belied a propensity and predilection for ska. More than just a strong
undercurrent, there's a downright raging reggae river in his tunes.

Between the reggae, the accent, and the saucy attitude, is it any wonder the label paired
him with It-Girl Lily Allen for a bonus track? It's synergy. But where Lily Allen forgot the
words left and right, and royally botched her Coachella appearance last spring, Jamie T's
slightly sloppy delivery at the Bowery Ballroom was right in tune with his overall vibe, and
worked just fine.

Though he could benefit from a bit more touring experience under his belt, it was a fine
start to what could turn out to be a beautiful friendship with the US market. Keep
working at it, Jamie, and come back.

--Photos from the show
--Videos from the show

Jamie T @ NY's Bowery Ballroom 9/13/07

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