Friday, September 7, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Paul Van Dyk at Central Park Summerstage New York 8/18/07

Paul Van Dyk @ Central Park 081807-072

Paul Van Dyk threw one of the best parties of the 2007 season at Central Park
Summerstage. After Daft Punk blew everyone's minds at Coney Island's Keyspan Park, I
harbored doubts that any electronic show could sway me, or my feet for that matter.
Nevertheless, I came to Rumsey Playfield ready to dance -- not just shoot. And so did
the rest of the crowd, without a doubt.

Far more wise in the ways of the internationally feted DJ, this
crowd knew Herr Van Dyk would bring more than just beats.

I stand corrected.

Paul Van Dyk @ Central Park 081807-040    Paul Van Dyk @ Central Park 081807-181    Paul Van Dyk @ Central Park 081807-211   

He played for more than 4 hours straight, without a break. And for roughly the last hour,
a live drummer and keyboardist accompanied him behind a parade of guest vocalists.
This was more of a live performance than I've seen before at many an electronic show.
After 3 hours of dancing our asses off, he made it all sound new again for another hour.
Energy never flagged - neither for him, nor his audience. I respect that.

If this is how he rolls, sign me up to catch the next installment of Van Dyk's annual
party under the stars at Summerstage. How bout you?

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