Monday, September 10, 2007

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: Feist @ McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn

Feist is a songbird of uncommon beauty. Anyone who hears either of her solo albums is
instantly pulled in. Her songwriting strikes a chord with both the mind and the emotions,
but it's that voice that hits you where it counts.

There is a vulnerability in her vocals that sets up a sense of intimacy between the artist and
the listener that at first may belie the grit and strength behind the voice. She has the ability
to manipulate that voice like any of her other instruments, sounding here like a delicate
flower, there like one of the mythical furies out for vengeance, and elsewhere like a
honkeytonk gal enjoying a beer with the boys.

Feist @ McCarren Park Pool

All of these incarnations are in attendance when Feist performs live, as was the case at
her eagerly anticipated NY show at McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn on 8/29. She
slipped from ballad to torch song to honkytonk hoedown with ease. Anyone lucky
enough to hear her that night came away convinced that this is no ordinary indie artist
simply setting out to cross the boundaries of genre lines. Her sound could adequately be
described as an indie-folk / alterna-country hybrid, but it's really hearing that makes
believing. So try out this playlist of videos shot at the show. Play all and settle in for a nice
little cross section of the evening's highlights.

Fans of Neko Case and Jenny Lewis will respond to the folksy twang, while fansof
Martha Wainwright will immediately hear the range of emotion that boils just below the
surface. No matter what you hear in her music, there's no denying that Feist elicits an
immediate and intimate response.

Feist @ McCarren Park Pool   Feist @ McCarren Park Pool

Hearing that voice in person is something everyone should go out of their way to do. It's
an uncommon experience, and one you'll long to have the chance to repeat.

More of FEIST at McCARREN:
--See the Live Gallery
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--See the Live Gallery
--Watch the Live Videos

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lunarlizzie said...

Wow thanks for posting those videos! Feist is so amazing!