Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HOT TIP: Catch No Second Troy’s Fall North American Tour Dates

This weekend promises quite a number of compelling options for the live music fans.
Need help cutting through the noise? Allow me to introduce you to No Second Troy.
 hypnotic indie band out of DC, they've just released their new album, Narcotic.
Spin magazine's Joseph Coscarelli had this to say about their first single:

Sharing a name with a William Butler Yeats poem, No Second Troy are not shy about
their bookish origins, exhibiting a fine-tuned literary finesse on their bittersweet new single.
"Into Your Sun" is an earnest, articulate love song with a touch of sentimental longing
under which tender acoustic guitars and tinkering piano lay the groundwork. The song's
video treatment, directed by Brent Green, presents flickering fragments interspersed with
a handwritten narrative, beautifully complimenting the song's frailty with warm imagery.
Like scenes out of an I-Spy book or snippets from pictures you might find browned and
curling in the attic, the romantic wistfulness and youthful nostalgia of the clip serve to
heighten the song's serene glow. Narcotic
, No Second Troy's self-released full-length
album, is out now.

New Yorkers can catch No Second Troy at The Lion's Den on Saturday, 9/22.
Live elsewhere? Catch them on their Fall North American Tour:


Instant Gratification:
Watch the video for their first single, "Into Your Sun."
Hear the tunes on the No Second Troy MySpace page.

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