Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SCENE AROUND: Usher Fragrance Launch Party at Cipriani’s Brings Out Beyonce, Martha & Tameka

Usher at the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's

Ever the hip-hopitome of luxurious glamour, Usher chose Cipriani's as the setting for his
fantasy fete in honor of the launch of his first line of fragrance. And as you'd expect with
Usher, it was a starry night, indeed.

Beyonce Knowles at the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's Liya Kebede at the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's

Among the stars showing support by stalking the red carpet were a beaming Beyonce,
supermodel Liya Kebede, Martha Stewart, Gayle King, and a steady stream of models,
socialites and other assorted beautiful people.

 Martha Stewart at the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's Gayle King at the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's

One of the biggest hits of the evening was Usher's expecting bride, Tameka Foster. Clad
in Gucci - which she added she was lucky to find, as most designers don't make clothes a
pregnant gal can shimmy into - she was an absolute stunner. Her knockout smile and
confidence kept the press a-twitter, as a barrage of questions about the wedding and the
baby swirled around her. Though Usher says he's looking forward to having a son,
Tameka played it coy, saying she's keeping quiet on the sex of the child. (Um, but didn't
Usher just say he's looking forward to having a son?)

Usher's Wife Tameka Foster at the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's

Part host and part guest of honor, Usher was a natural, as is the fragrance concept. When
your legal name has become a brand name, why not slap that brand on a box and see if it
moves units? Especially when that box encloses something that acts on the senses, transporting
one to an imaginary intimate encounter with a certain hunky R&B superstar. Why not?!
These fragrances are going for the out-and-out sex appeal Usher has made his trademark
in every other professional arena he's tried. It's everywhere from the packaging and the
ad campaign, to the scents themselves. Overripe and lusty, like something between Sex
On The Beach, the drink, and sex on the beach, the act.

Two of the divas in attendance know a thing or two about how to spin a brand. Of
course there's Beyonce, with her House of Dereon fashion label. And what hasn't
Martha Stewart branded? There could be few better supporters to cheer Usher on
as he unveiled his hers-and-his fragrances, aptly (and briefly) named, "Usher."

The Gift Bag for the Usher Fragrance Launch @ Cipriani's

Of course each smells good on skin, but do they smell good together when an "Usher
man" and an "Usher woman" are skin-on-skin? You can bet Usher tested it out
personally. Perhaps that's how he and Tameka found themselves expecting...

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