Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HOT TIP: Teddybears Play FREE at Hiro Ballroom Thursday 9/27

What's better than three Swedes playing a free show in New York? Three
Swedes playing a free show in NY dressed as bears. (*sigh*) Brilliant.

Teddybears @ NY's Gramercy Theater 4/9/07

Seriously, this will be my third time catching Teddybears, and I'm not sick
of 'em yet! In fact, I've already caught them at Hiro once before, and I'm
still signed up to catch 'em again. And so can you be! All you have to do
is RSVP here, and you're on the guest list...


Why should you bother with the 'bears? Get a load of this video, which
speaks louder than words...

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