Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 YEAR IN REVIEW: Best in Live Music - Electronic Music Explodes

2007 Year In Review:
Best Live Music  |  Best Coachella Catch  |  Best CMJ Ticket  |  Best Crowd

Maybe I've been living under a rock and you've known it all along, but is electronic music having a new renaissance? What I'm talking about extends beyond just the realm of the recording to the live concert experience. Not only has it been a ridiculously good year for releases, but it's been an unparalleled year (in my memory, at least) for the sheer number of electronic tours to come across our doorsteps.

Take these videos and photos of the best live shows I saw this year as cases in point.

Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07
1: Daft Punk
Keyspan Park, Coney Island, NY
One of the Top 3 shows I've ever seen.
Photos  |  Video

Justice @ Terminal 5 102207-306_edited
2: Justice
Terminal 5, NY

Paul Van Dyk @ Central Park 081807-072
3: Paul Van Dyk
Central Park Summerstage, Rumsey Playfield, NY
Photos  |  Video

Bjork at United Palace Theatre
4: Bjork
United Palace Theatre, Harlem, NY
Photos  |  Video

DJ Krush @ Highline Ballroom
5: DJ Krush
Highline Ballroom, NY
Photos  |  Video

Simian Mobile Disco Live KEXP Broadcast @ CMJ
6: Simian Mobile Disco
KEXP Live Broadcast from CMJ, Gibson Showroom, NY
Photos   |   Videos

LCD Soundsystem @ Randal's Island
7: LCD Soundsystem
Randall's Island, NY
Photos   |   Videos

UNKLE @ Webster Hall for CMJ 101807-079_edited
Webster Hall CMJ Showcase, NY
Photos   |   Videos

Teddybears at Hiro Ballroom, 3/1/07
9: Teddybears
Hiro Ballroom, Maritime Hotel, NY
Photos   |   Videos


I'd like to call out Brazilian Girls, CSS and Klaxons as among the top Dance shows, as well. All of them at Coachella, btw. But alas, I think it's appropriate to set the limit of requiring some portion of the music to be performed by DJs in order to be considered true "electronic music." So there you have it.

Coachella 2007 - Brazilian Girls  Coachella 2007 - CSS    Coachella 2007- Klaxons
Brazilian Girls | CSS | Klaxons
Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2007, Indio, CA

2007 YEAR IN REVIEW: Best Coachella Catch - The Good, The Bad & The Queen

2007 Year In Review:
Best Live Music  |  Best Coachella Catch  |  Best CMJ Ticket  |  Best Crowd

Best Coachella Catch:

1: The Good, The Bad & The Queen:    Photos   |   Videos
2: Bjork:                                            Photos   |   Videos
3: Brazilian Girls:                                Photos   |   Videos
4: CSS:                                             Photos   |   Videos
5: Klaxons:                                        Photos   |   Videos
6: Peter Bjorn and John:                     Photos   |   Videos
7: The Arcade Fire:                            Photos   |   Videos
8: Rufus Wainwright:                          Photos   |   Videos
9: The Decemberists:                         Photos   |   Videos

Coachella 2007 - The Good, The Bad & The Queen   Coachella 2007 - Peter Bjorn & John  Coachella 2007 - Arcade Fire  Coachella 2007 - Rufus Wainwright   Coachella 2007 - The Decemberists
The Good, The Bad & The Queen | Peter Bjorn & John | The Arcade Fire | Rufus Wainwright | The Decemberists
Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2007, Indio, CA

2007 YEAR IN REVIEW: Best CMJ Ticket - KEXP Seattle In-Studio Live Broadcasts from CMJ

2007 Year In Review:
Best Live Music  |  Best Coachella Catch  |  Best CMJ Ticket  |  Best Crowd

Best CMJ Ticket: KEXP Seattle In-Studio Live Broadcasts from CMJ Music Marathon
Featuring live performances broadcast from the Gibson Showroom, NY
Why didn't everybody do this? It made KEXP the only terrestrial radio station on my radar right now. (Sorry, FNX, it's been a while.) It was the ability to sit right in the room with the artists that made these shows THE guest list to be on. The interviews and between-tune banter made the Band of Horses broadcast one of the most memorable of my CMJ experience. But as for incredible performances, watching cross-legged on the studio floor while Simian Mobile Disco did their animated knob-twiddling was one of my
most favorite live "show" memories of the year altogether.

Simian Mobile Disco Live KEXP Broadcast @ CMJ

1: Simian Mobile Disco     Photos   |   Videos
2: Band of Horses            Photos   |   Videos
3: The Maccabees            Photos  

Simian Mobile Disco Live KEXP Broadcast @ CMJ   Band of Horses Live KEXP Broadcast @ CMJ 101907-045_edited
SimianMobile Disco | Band of Horses
KEXP Live Broadcast,
2007 CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival, Gibson Guitar Showroom, NY

2007 YEAR IN REVIEW: Best Crowd - Keyspan Park, Coney Island for Daft Punk

2007 Year In Review:
Best Live Music  |  Best Coachella Catch  |  Best CMJ Ticket  |  Best Crowd

Best Crowd: Keyspan Park, Coney Island for Daft Punk
Daft Punk wins, hands down. But the fever that spread through Terminal 5 when the
Daft Punk discoveries, Justice, nearly tore the roof off the m*otherf*cker led to an
unbelievable display of wild abandon. Bacchus would have been proud.

Crowd for Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07
The crowd for Daft Punk @ Coney Island, NY

1: Daft Punk, Keyspan Park at Coney Island, NY         Photos  |  Video
2: Justice, Terminal 5, NY                                          Photos 
3: Gogol Bordello, Irving Plaza, NY                             Photos  |  Video
4: Rufus Wainwright, Central Park Summerstage, NY   Photos  |  Video
5: Paul Van Dyke, Central Park Summerstage, NY       Photos  |  Video
6: Les Savy Fav, Randall's Island, NY                          Photos  |  Video
7: Cypress Hill, Rock the Bells at Randall's Island, NY   Photos  |  Video
8: Balkan Beat Box, Bowery Ballroom, NY                   Photos  |  Video
9: Justin Timberlake, Madison Square Garden, NY      Photos  |  Video

Justice @ Terminal 5 102207-327
The crowd for Justice @ Terminal 5, NY

Sunday, December 16, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Cake & Brazilian Girls at Terminal 5 NY Dec 12th

Finally! (*gush*) After nearly a decade of near misses attempting to see my beloved
band and cursing Murphy's Law run amok, I have at last witnessed the Unlimited
Sunshine that is a Cake concert. Yay! 

Cake & Brazilian Girls @ Terminal 5 121207-073

Forgive my giggling girlitude about the matter, but there's just something so uplifting and
happy-making about Cake.

How do they invariably manage to make me feel so good? Maybe it's their quirky,
winking lyrics. (I offer up "Satan is my motor, feel my motor purr," as evidence.) Maybe
it's their Mexicali funk-tinged alt-pop, that sounded so different from anything else the 90s
pumped out. Possibly it's that unmistakable rockabilly guitar with its ballsy, low end
fullness that anchors the lightheartedness. Very likely it's that signature trumpet that makes
every Cake tune immediately identifiable. Most definitely it's the "aw yeah, aw no, alright"
that punctuates nearly every tune. I can't get enough of those.  I find myself 'aw yeah, aw
no, alright'ing for days after listening to Cake, and it never ceases to make me smile.

Cake @ Terminal 5 12/12/07  Cake @ Terminal 5 12/12/07             

The one thing missing from my adoration was the ability to say, "Aw yeah, I've seen 'em
live." And now I can gladly say that Cake live up to all my expectations live. No wonder
they've dubbed their annual trek the Unlimited Sunshine Tour. They spin sunlight. Sample
some of these live moments, and let the sun shine in on your long winter's nap.

This year's trek celebrates the release of their new album, "B-Sides and Rarities." Anyone
who had one of those, "Is that... could it be..." moments hearing the opening notes to
Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" would be well advised to pick up a copy of the new disc.
(See what I said about it at

Also along for the ride were one of my most favorite live bands: The Brazilian Girls.
Sabina and Co. were their New York arty, gorgeous selves. But alas, it wasn't exactly
the right pairing of sounds for a tour. Brazilian Girls are the epitome of nighttime New
York. They are not happy-go-lucky, sunshiney, nor goofy. What they are is sexy,
sophisticated, and sultry with a sly, European lunacy. It's like adding a single trip-hop
band to an all alt-folk lineup. And I think it backfired.

Brazilian Girls @ Terminal 5 12/12/07

The Brazilians tried their darnedest, but they never won over the Terminal 5 crowd. And
their energy flagged as a result, which simply served to perpetuate the problem.

Alas, the 12th just wasn't their night. Therefore, I choose to remember their free show at
Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park
a summer or two ago, where they proved they really can
be sunshine-friendly in an outdoor summertime setting. Or their triumphant turn last New
Years Eve atIrving Plaza
. Or their hot as hellfire show in the CA desert last Spring at

Check out one of my faves from Coachella and see why I love them so...

--See Photos: Cake live at Terminal 5 in NY
--Watch Video: Cake live at Terminal 5 in NY
--Get Tickets: See Cake live in concert

--See Photos: Brazilian Girls live at Terminal 5, Coachella, New Years Eve at Irving
--Watch Video: Brazilian Girls live at Terminal 5 and Coachella
--Watch Video: Brazilian Girls New Years Eve show live at Irving Plaza
--Get Tickets: See Brazilian Girls New Years Eve in San Francisco

Cake @ Terminal 5 12/12/07  Brazilian Girls @ Terminal 5 12/12/07              

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HOT TIP: Gogol Bordello Guarantee a Crazy New Year's Eve at Terminal 5

Looking for something extraordinary to set this New Year's Eve apart from all that came
before? Say it with me: "Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello @ Irving Plaza 7/20/07

Yessiree, the band that brought Gypsy Punk to the masses is celebrating the birth of
another year at my new favorite NY venue, Terminal 5. Why is this so extraordinary?
Well, first of all, it's Gogol Bordello. And that means it's one of the most wild,
unabashedly rowdy live acts you'll ever see. That energy whips their fans into a frenzy the
likes of which I've rarely seen at an indie rock show.

Crowd for Gogol Bordello @ Irving Plaza 7/20/07

Just look at what they did to the crowd at Irving Plaza last July (above). Then imagine
that magnified by the size of Terminal 5 (below).

Justice @ Terminal 5 102207-432

Can you picture the party? Not quite convinced? Check out how Eugene Hutz & Co.
bring down the house on a date of no particular annual importance, and imagine how that
would translate to New Years eve...

Yeah, now you see what I mean. But will I see you there? We shall see...

--Get Tickets: Gogol Bordello @ Terminal 5 New Year's Eve
--See Photos: Gogol Bordello live in NY @ Irving Plaza
--Watch Video: Gogol Bordello live in NY @ Irving Plaza
--Read Interview: Eugene Hutz talks with TixGirl

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FESTIVAL NEWS: Bumbershoot 2008 3-Day Passes for Only $60 - Get Special Code

Bumbershoot is one of the best reasons I can think of for loving US music fests. Not that
I have actually been to Bumbershoot myself, mind you. I know, I know, you're thinking
"how can she make some grandiose statement like that without firsthand experience?!" 
You're right. So maybe I should take advantage of this uh-mazing offer and 'go west,
young [wo]man!'

Here's the deets, straight from the Bumbershoot peeps:

Bumbershoot 2008 (August 30 – September 1)

It's an Insider's Deal just for BumberFans. The best part is BumberFans can

get these limited offer tickets at last year's Insider's Deal prices—just $60 for a

three-day pass to the Festival that hits all the right notes by celebrating

eclectic music AND innovative arts.

Yes, you read that right. You can lay your hands on a 3-day pass for

considerably less than if you bought two single day tickets… it's like getting a

whole day of party for free! These tickets aren't available to the public, and

they're never going to bethis cheap again, so don't put it off or you'll kick

yourself later.

All you need is the special code that allows you access!

You ready? Here it is: BUMBERHOLIDAY.

Get tickets here:

Monday, November 5, 2007

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: Via Audio Live at the Lion’s Den in New York

Via Audio are my new favorite cause. I want to help the whole world learn their name,
learn their tunes, and learn to love them the way I do. Alas, I doubt my modest blog has
quite that kind of reach... But CMJ sure does. In fact, that's exactly what CMJ is all
about: Taking the unknown, unsigned, or otherwise undiscovered and elevating them to
the forefront of crowd consiousness. A showcase at CMJ gets 'em where it counts -- a
packed audience full of future fans in the making, and music industry influencers.

Via Audio @ Lion's Den CMJ Showcase 10/17/07

After months of near misses, I finally had my shot at seeing the one local Brooklyn band I
wanted to catch above any other at CMJ. With a slot just before the Meat Puppets, the
Lion's Den sported a packed house for Via Audio that 10/17 evening. They're a little
unpolished, a bit sloppy, and even over-excited at times. But with some time to grow,
their live performance will catch up with their songwriting.

Via Audio @ Lion's Den CMJ Showcase 10/17/07

That songwriting is downright formidable at its highest points, as you can plainly hear
on their debut album, Say Anything. These kids think in pop confections whose melodic
simplicity is beautiful... and catchy as hell.  Each one of them has a point of view. Each
one a marked style, presence and personality onstage. Give them a listen and you'll pick
up on hints of both of Montreal's whimsical pop tunesmithing, and delivery akin to Mates
of State (who also played that evening across town at Avalon).

Take in some of this footage, and you'll hear the roots of something special in the making.
With an ever-broadening fan base, much of which is thanks to their CMJ face time,
they're sure to clock more time onstage. I'm looking forward to watching their live show
mature in front of my very eyes. Join me, and when they explode, we can all say we
knew them when.

Seeing the as-yet undiscovered hit the radar for the first time. Isn't that exactly the point of CMJ?

--See Photos: Via Audio @ the Lion's Den
--Watch Video: Via Audio @ the Lion's Den
--Hear Tunes: Via Audio's MySpace
--See Them Live: Find Tour Dates

Via Audio @ Lion'sDen CMJ Showcase 10/17/07     Via Audio @ Lion's Den CMJ Showcase 10/17/07   

Thursday, October 25, 2007

HOT TIP: Whitey Plays Cheeky Bastard’s DUMBO Loft Party this Halloween Weekend

Got plans for this Halloween weekend? Despite being in semi-hibernation since CMJ 
& Justice / Midnight Juggernauts, this DUMBO loft party with Whitey is just what the
doctor ordered to get me up and out the door in my dancing shoes... matching my
costume, of course.

Whitey Loft Party Flyer from Cheeky Bastard

Cheeky B*stard Loft Party!!!!
Featuring Whitey & Rory Phillips (Trash,UK)
Saturday Oct 27 - in DUMBO. Open Bar All Night!

When we heard that one of the best electro artists ever to come out of the UK, Whitey
(a.k.a. Nathan J Whitey) was going to be in town this weekend and looking to perform,
we just simply had to throw a party... and seeing as we haven't thrown a loft party for a
while... well... you know how it goes.

Whitey (currently on Dimmak Records in the US) has caught the ear of many in the music
industry. You have probably heard his single 'Non Stop' on the Mitusubishi commercial -
but if that's all you have heard then you are missing out. Whitey has remixed (among
others) Soulwax, Chromeo, Kylie, Bloc Party... and his tracks have appeared on
compilations by from Kitsune Records, The Glimmers and too many more to mention.
His latest album 'The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train' is nothing short of
breathtaking, and he has a new album due out shortly.

>>Get all the details<<  with the restof this handy flyer from those Cheeky Bastards.
Note: It says absolutely nothing about costumes being required for entry, so you have
no excuse to stay home!

Now where did I put that wig?


Don't live in NYC?
Whitey's on tour!
Full sked below.

Whitey Tour Schedule Poster

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: Klaxons @ Webster Hall

Nu-rave, nu-shmave. Genre labels be damned, Klaxons are a party band. And I don't
mean the kind you suffered through while waiting in line for the keg. I mean they're the
kind of band that brings the party. It's nigh impossible to avoid having fun at a Klaxons
show, no matter how gray your day was, nor how dead set against grinning like a fool
you may be. I mean seriously, there I was at Webster Hall on 10/12 having lost my
schmancy new cell phone and my driver's license, and I still couldn't help but forget my
troubles and shake my @$$.

Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207044_edited

With their infectious beats, multi-part harmonies and synth-laden sonics, it's no wonder
the Mercury Prize winners are catnip to the club kid set. And the club kids were certainly
out in force at Webster Hall, requisite glow sticks in hand. But with a heavier, more
aggro tone to several of their tunes, they've drawn a much more diverse crowd than I
would have expected. And that made me happy.

Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207127_edited   Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207139   Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207223                                 

Why? It shows promise. Not only does it mean the US market can see beyond the
pigeon-holing labels, but it also means that Klaxons have a good shot at having legs. They
may well achieve the brass ring of longevity and ever-broadening appeal that signals a
solid future in the biz. I can't wait to see what they do next.

Klaxons @ Webster Hall 101207145

Unfortunately, I may have to. The Webster show was their last US performance at the
tail end of a grueling touring season that saw them in Cali as early as April at Coachella.
After such a lengthy road, who can blame them for heading back across the pond to
savor their Mercury Prize win and relax. ...And then hopefully start the party up again.

--See Photos: Klaxons at Webster Hall
--See Photos: Klaxons at Coachella
--Watch Video: Klaxons at Coachella

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Blonde Redhead, Les Savy Fav @ Randalls Island

The must-see show of the fall season? I think most in NY would agree that Randall's
Island can boast having hosted that show: Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Blonde
Redhead, Les Savy Fav and openers, Wild Light, 10/6/07.

Arcade Fire @ Randall's Island
>>Arcade Fire

Yeah, read that lineup again. What indie music fan could live with themselves having
passed up that opportunity? Not I, certainly. Thankfully, not only did I get to catch the
show, but I also got to shoot it. Watch and believe:

--See Photos: Arcade Fire @ Randall's Island
--See Photos: LCD Soundsystem @ Randall's Island
--See Photos: Blonde Redhead @ Randall's Island
--See Photos: Les Savy Fav @ Randall's Island
--See Photos: Wild Light @ Randall's Island
--Watch Video: Arcade Fire @ Randall's Island
--Watch Video: LCD Soundsystem, Blonde Redhead, Les Savy Fav & Wild Light

LCD Soundsystem @ Randal's Island   Blonde Redhead @ Randall's Island   Les Savy Fav @ Randall's Island
>>L to R: LCD Soundsystem, Blonde Redhead, Les Savy Fav

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: DJ Krush @ Highline Ballroom 10/4/07

Why am I only now finding out about DJ Krush? He's been making history, forging new
ground, pioneering in the turntablist arts for well over 10 years. "History of DJ Krush" is a
fitting tribute to a man equally respected among the hip-hop community as he is by the
electronic cognoscenti. The "History of DJ Krush" is both the DVD release around which
the buzz machine kicked in, and the unexpected gift that introduced me to something I
find extraordinarily memorable. (Thank you, Justin!)

DJ Krush @ Highline Ballroom

Let's get this straight: DJ Krush is from Tokyo. Despite the language barrier, he has
collaborated with some of the brighter lights in the landscape of DJs and vocalists. You'll
find Black Thought of The Roots, the heavenly Esthero, and even Zap Mama's Marie
Daulne. But rather than being an unseen force behind the scenes, DJ Krush is really the
scene-stealer here. His beats are what I can only lamely under-describe as "fat." Words
just don't do it justice. And nowhere is this more evident then in seeing DJ Krush live.

DJ Krush is the perpetrator of some of the lowest low ends I've ever encountered live.
My ears sang with joy. (Disclaimer: I have a particular weakness for bass.) His taste in
hooks -- both vocal and instrumental -- areinfectious in the way that only the most gifted
trip-hop auteurs can boast. I'm thinking Portishead. I'm thinking Massive Attack. An
elder-statesman after more than 10 years on the international scene, it's a rarefied
universe that DJ Krush finds himself inhabiting.

DJ Krush @ Highline Ballroom  DJ Krush @ Highline Ballroom  DJ Krush @ Highline Ballroom

All of the aforementioned owes a debt of honor to Krush's most noteworthy ability. He is
a world-class, stunning turntablist. This man spins. Seeing him spin, one is mesmerized by
the speed and agility of his fingers. He plays it all live. His fingers move like smoke and
mirrors. They are magic, and lightning fast.

The best thing about the "History of DJ Krush" release is that it comes with three
individual DVDs, two of which are heavily saturated with live footage. You can watch the
man's fingers move up close, in ways that my humble video couldn't capture. I only hope
you can get a smidgen of a sense of the kind of atmospheric webs DJ Krush weaves
within the confines of four walls.

-See Photos: DJ Krush live at Highline Ballroom NY
-Watch Videos: DJ Krushlive at Highline Ballroom NY