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NEW PHOTOS: Keane @ Central Park Summerstage 5/30/07

It was an incredible, high-energy show from Britain's swoon-inducing Keane, as
they wrapped up the very last night of their World Tour. Not only was it one of
the high points of the concert-going year thus far for me, but even the band waxed
rhapsodic about having had dreams of playing NY's Central Park. It certainly
was a memorable way to close out an amazing comeback-story of a tour.

Keane @ Central Park 053007-121_edited

In this case, pictures really are worth a thousand words, so I'll let these shots do
the talking.

>>See A Gallery of Photos From the Show<<

Keane @ Central Park 053007-061_edited  Keane @ Central Park 053007-055  Keane @ Central Park 053007-126  Keane @ Central Park 053007-094  Keane @ Central Park 053007-076

How is it possible that all that music comes from only 3 guys? And one often
doesn't play a thing while he sings. It's a mystery, but I can tell you this: the
keyboards are magic.

Keane @ Central Park 053007-118

Coming soon: Video from the show, so you can see what I mean.

Celebrity Spotting: Even actor Zach Braff, of "Garden State" and
"Scrubs" fame, was on hand to show some love to the UK trio.

Zach Braff backstage for Keane @ Central Park 5/30/07  Zach Braff backstage for Keane @ Central Park 5/30/07  Zach Braff backstage for Keane @ Central Park 5/30/07

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BREAKING NEWS: McCarren Park Pool Parties Announced... And They're FREE

FINALLY! The day we've all been waiting for has arrived: McCarren Park Pool
has announced the lineups for its free Pool Parties!

McCarren Park Pool 2006

Thrown by the lovely folks at JellyNYC, the Pool Parties take place every
Sunday throughout the summer months, and feature some of the coolest lineups
you're likely to see all summer. And FREE!

Did I mention they're free?

Questlove spins @ McCarren Park Pool Party
>>?uestlove DJs

Would you ever imagine you'd see ?uestlove spinning disk in-between sets by
Deerhoof and Beirut? Neither would I... if I hadn't seen it myself. And that's just
the tip of the iceberg.

Deerhoof at McCarren Park Pool 8/13/06  Beirut at McCarren Park Pool 8/13/06 
>>Deerhoof; Beirut

So without further ado, here's the deets, courtesy of the official website...

June 24th

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, featuring Superchunk, Oakley Hall and special guest

July 1st  Note from TixGirl: Illinois are a MUST SEE!

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, featuring MAN MAN, Dengue Fever and Illinois


July 8th

The Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool featuring Octopus Project, Erase Errata, Dan Deacon and OCDJ


July 15th

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, details coming soon.


July 22nd

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, Details soon to come.


July 29th

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, details coming soon.


August 5th

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, featuring Blonde Redhead, I'm From Barcelona, and Special Guest TBA


August 12th

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, featuring Ted Leo + the Pharmacists, The Thermals, Birds of Avalon.


August 19th

The JELLYNYC Pool Parties at the McCarren Park Pool, featuring Ghostland Observatory and Special Guests TBA

McCarren Park Pool 2006

Full McCarren Park summer concert schedule to come, so stay tuned...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: Concert Review of Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena 5/24/07

Roger Waters? Yes, that's right, Roger Waters. How could I possibly pass up a
second chance to see one of the most important voices of a generation in music,
considering I'd passed up seeing him last year? I mean, hell, I grew up listening to
my Mom's Dark Side of the Moon record. And I never, ever thought I'd have a
chance to see the man who wrote that music, live.

Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena

Now I can happily report that it was well worth the ticket price and ridiculous
effort of getting from the city out to the Meadowlands in Jersey. Effort,
schmeffort! This is Roger Waters, man. And he's playing Dark Side of the Moon
in its entirety! 1 ticket, please...

He opened with some of my most favorite Floyd tunes from The Wall, Animals,
and all. Wish You Were Here sent chills down my spine, despite the fact that
Dave Gilmour's part was performed by an anonymous touring band member.

Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena

Actually, the only disappointing thing about this concert was the obvious lack of
David Gilmour. And what can anybody do about that? I liked that Waters went
ahead and played the songs that he wrote, whether or not he was the one to sing
them. It's making the best out of a bad situation, and laying claim to the songs he
penned. They're his songs, why shouldn't he play them?

Ok, so theoretically, I agree with that. But in practice, it was a little unsettling
watching the backing band stepping up to fill the shoes of a palpably absent
presence. I wanted it to be Dave Gilmour singing, not a sound-alike, no matter
how good he was at sounding alike. Meanwhile, I have to give kudos to the
guitarist, who did an admirable job with Gilmour's melodically iconic solos. He
wasn't just trying to sound like Gilmour. He sounded exactly like Gilmour. Most
impressive. So I guess the takeaway was this: If you can't have the man there in
the flesh, at least have his ghost.

Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena  Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena 

There's really nothing like Roger Waters' voice. I mean, you recognize it the
minute you hear it. It's not a beautiful voice, but man, has it got character. It is the
voice of a storyteller. And a teller of tales whose heros are often tortured,
self-destructive, injured, emotionally stunted, and practically Shakespearean,
while they help Waters work out his personal issues and convey his political

He is the tortured artist genius, who uses his medium as a platform. And that's at
the core of what has always helped turn many of his detractors against him in the
first place. Surprisingly, there were folks in the crowd who actually boo'ed his
politically outspoken moments. But did he back down? No! And did the folks
booing wish they could get their money back? I doubt it. No really, I do. Because
Waters is a founding father of the generation that embraced dissent and political
criticism as a birthright. So they may boo the sentiment, but who among this
crowd would eschew his right to freedom of speech and expression? I could be
misjudging the crowd, but I doubt it.

Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena

Not only was Waters in classic Watersian form, but so were the visuals that
accompanied the music. It was psychedelic Floyd to a tee, providing even those
of us in the audience who weren't stoned with a contact high, sweeping us up in
the music that spawned so many laser light shows in planetaria across the country.
Though the pyrotechnics seemed like an outmoded concept, the lasers and
derigibles that flew from the roof remained totally fresh, while still retaining their
iconic reference to the past. 

Derigibles? Well, floating helium baloons of impressive scale. You've seen the
album covers, you've seen the movies, andnow you've seen the baloons:

Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena  Roger Waters @ Continental Airlines Arena

Looking back at the show, and at this recap, one word comes to mind more than
any other: "iconic." I'm sorry if I've rendered it redundant, but that's exactly what
Roger Waters and his music are. There's no better word to describe the night.

Want More?
--Moment Slice's Review
--Photo Gallery From The Show

Watch Videos from the Show:
     -In the Flesh
     -Shine On You Crazy Diamond
     -Have a Cigar
     -Wish You Were Here
     -Speak to Me/Breathe
     -On the Run
     -The Great Gig in the Sky
     -Us and Them
     -Any Colour You Like/Brain Damage
     -Brain Damage
     -Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
     -Comfortably Numb

Currently listening :
Dark Side Of The Moon
By Pink Floyd

Friday, May 25, 2007

HOT TIP: Hot Club of Cowtown's Elana James Plays 3-Night Stand @ Rodeo Bar This Weekend

Sticking around town this weekend, like me? Memorial Day in NYC is a great time to
play a three-night stand at the Rodeo Bar. So says Austin's Elana James, who has
brought her trio back up to the city for a little Mem Day weekend vacation of her own, at
her fave local watering hole on the Lower East Side. A little Austin country swing in the
middle of the city.

Elana of the Elana James Trio

Seeing the former fiddler and singer for the Hot Club of Cowtown at the Rodeo Bar with
the magic combination of stand-up bassist, Beau Sample, and guitarist, Whit Smith, at her
side is the kind of thing folks decide to turn into a tradition. At her last NY show, it was
common to hear an "I saw you in Portland last Spring..." here, or a "You were amazing at
SxSW..." there, yada yada.

Whit Smith of the Elana James Trio     Beau Sample of the Elana James Trio

So if you're looking for something more laid-back, down home, and downright sociable,
meet up with some folks for a bite to eat at the Rodeo Bar and stick around for the
fiddle. I'll see you there tonight, doing the very same.

The Elana James Trio's residence runs Fri-Sun this weekend at the Rodeo Bar.

Whit Smith of the Elana James Trio Elana of the Elana James Trio Beau Sample of the Elana James Trio

Thursday, May 24, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: The Faint Play NY's Infamous MotherF'er Party Memorial Day Weekend

Where will the cool kids be this Memorial Day Weekend?

Motherfucker 7 Year Anniversary Party @ Webster Hall

They'll surely be spending Friday and Saturday obsessing over their outfits for the
hottest party in town: The Motherfucker 7 Year Anniversary Party on Sunday,
5/27 at Webster Hall!

Why is it the hottest party in town? Well, not only is it the Motherfucker crew and
their notorious New York parties, but my live favorites, The Faint, will be
headlining! I'm freaking out in anticipation. Seriously. They are responsible for one
of my Top 10 Concerts of All Time, and this will be their first NY show in almost
2 years! Omigod. Will Sunday just get here already?!

So now that I've gotten my gushing over The Faint out of the way, there's so much
more to tell you about why that night is going to be so completely stellar and over
the top. And since there's so much to tell, I'm going to let their official flyer do
most of the talking, with some of the more interesting details courtesy of their
lovely PR peeps.

But before I go, let me just leave you with this tasty little tidbit from the press release:
Dress Code: Edwardian/Victorian turn of the century Realness!
Opulent Gothic Looks, Glam Dandies, Classic Punk 76-79!

Go ahead, be a punk. Just don't punk out and miss this show.

Motherfucker 7 Year Anniversary Party @ Webster Hall Flier



Live Performance by

Michael T, Justine D, Johnny T & Georgie Seville
7 Year Anniversary Edwardian Extravaganza
Upbeat Music for Downtown Kids.


Emcees: Mistress Formika & Chi Chi Valenti

Late-Nite Performance by: Michael T & it's Glamorous Follies +
Peppermint Gummybear @ 2:30!


Main Floor Dj's:
Michael T & Justine D
with Special Guests: The Bangers [Salvalas & Fun!]

Spin: Rock & Roll, Glam, Postpunk, New Wave
& a plethora of cocaine DISCO!

In the "Oh My Goth" Coffee Bar:
DJ & Host: Xris Smack! [BYTE]
with Special Guests: Alex Chow & Ryan Rayhill
Plus, Mighty Mike Saga

Spin: Classic Goth & Industrial, Synth Pop & Electro!

Upstairs in Balcony Lounge:
Dave P [Making Time & Fixed]
JDH [fixed]

Spin: Mental Techno, Party Anthems & Sex Jams!

Your Marvelous Hosts:
Astro Earle
Tobell Von Cartier
Ron M
Dina Delicious

Salicious Go Go all Nite!

Photos by: Alexander Thompson & Visuals by: Rustyn L.Birch

Official Release Party for RVNG Mx5 from
JUSTINE D. Signed copies available at MF!
Giveaways from Cornerstone

Webster Hall
25 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-353-1600

Doors: 9:30/18+/ID A Must!

Dress Code: Edwardian/Victorian turn of the century Realness!
Opulent Gothic Looks, Glam Dandies, Classic Punk 76-79!

Door Bitch THOMAS enforces:
$25 w/invite till 1:30
$20 after 1:30w/invite only!
$30 w/out all nite!
Advance tickets here

Thursday, May 17, 2007

HOT TIP: Rufus Wainwright Summer Tour Dates & New Album Release

Yesterday, Rufus Wainwright celebrated the release of his newest album, Release the Stars. I was lucky enough to catch some of the new tunes performed live at Coachella, where Rufus set the Mojave Tent on fire, holding his ecstatic crowd at rapt attention.

Coachella 2007 - Rufus Wainwright Coachella 2007 - Rufus Wainwright

To honor the new album's release, I'm taking a page out of Geffen's playbook and using the opportunity to spread the word about his upcoming summer tour. If you've never seen Rufus live, you MUST get yourself out to a show. He's one of the most gifted - and hilarious - live performers out there. And if you've already got tix, props to you! Look for me up front on 6/5 and 6/6 at Gramercy. And Summerstage at Central Park on 8/19, too, if I'm lucky. Tickets go on sale this weekend!

Rufus Wainwright Upcoming Tour Dates

..> ..>

New York, NY / Barnes & Noble
33 E 17th St; Union Square
Bryn Mawr, PA / Borders - Bryn Mawr #30
1149 Lancaster Ave
Paris, FR France / La Trianon
Portsmouth, GB UK / Portsmouth Guildhall
Bristol, GB UK / Bristol Colston Hall
London, GB UK / Old Vic Theatre
London, GB UK / Old Vic Theatre
London, GB UK / Old Vic Theatre
London, GB UK / Old Vic Theatre

London, GB UK / Old Vic Theatre


New York, NY / Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY / Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY / Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY / Gramercy Theatre
Toronto, ON CAN / Danforth Music Hall
Toronto, ON CAN / Danforth Music Hall
Montreal, PQ CAN / Place des Arts
Boston, MA / Bank of America Pavillion
Columbia, MD / Merriweather Post Pavillion
Glastonbury, GB UK / Glastonbury Festival
Brighton, GB UK / Dome
Oxford, GB UK / New Theatre
Folkstone, GB UK / Lees Cliff
Copenhagen, DE Denmark / Copenhagen Opera House
Scotland, GB UK / T in the Park Festival
Balado by Kinross
Dublin/Kildare (Punchestown), IR Ireland / Oxegen Music Festival
Puncherstown Racecourse
Cornwall, GB UK / The Eden Project
Edmonton, AB CAN / Winspear Center « just added
Calgary, AB CAN / Calgary Folk Festival at Prince's Island Park
Vancouver, BC CAN / Vancouver Centre of the Performing Arts
Seattle, WA / Moore Theater
Portland, OR / Crystal Ballroom
Santa Rosa, CA / Wells Fargo Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA / Nob Hill Masonic Center
Saratoga, CA / Mountain Winery
Santa Fe, NM / Paolo Soleri Amphitheater
Denver, CO / Fillmore Auditorium
North Kansas City, MO / Voodoo Lounge at Harrah's Casino
Grand Prairie, TX / Nokia Theatre at Grand Prarie
Austin, TX / Stubb's Bar-B-q
801 Red River
Atlanta, GA / Tabernacle
Nashville, TN / Ryman Auditorium
Charlottesville, VA / Charlottesville Pavilion
Philadelphia, PA / Mann Center For Performing Arts
Westhampton Beach, NY / Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center
New York, NY / Central Park Summerstage (New York, NY USA)
Boston, MA / Avalon Ballroom
Columbus, OH / Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
Ann Arbor, MI / Michigan Theater
Highland Park, IL / Ravinia Festival
Milwaukee, WI / Pabst Theatre
London, ON CAN / Centennial Hall
Montreal, QB, CA Canada / Montreal Place des Arts
Los Angeles, CA / Hollywood Bowl


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Projekt Revolution Lineup & Presale Info

Well, folks, it's official... Linkin Park are back, and therefore, so is the Projekt Revolution touring festival!  And if the buzz from their AOL Music Live performance this week is any indication, they're in top form. (Skip to the bottom to watch the live streaming concert!)

Projekt Revolution 2007 Main Stage Lineup:
--Linkin Park
--My Chemical Romance
--Taking Back Sunday
--Julien - K

TixGirl @ VMA Style Studio with Taking Back Sunday
>>TixGirl with the Taking Back Sunday Boys at the MTV VMA Style Studio (Yes, I'm shameless.)

On the Revolution Stage:
--Mindless Self Indulgence
--The Bled
--Styles of Beyond
--Madina Lake

On sale to the general public on Saturday, May 19th at 10am!
Presale tickets go on sale today, Wednesday, May 16th at 4pm!
Presale Password: TBSPR3
Presale courtesy of the Taking Back Sunday fan newsletter. Thanks, guys!

Here are the details for the presale, courtesy of

Special fan-only presales for most dates on the Projekt Revolution Tour start Wednesday 5/16 at 4pm and end on Thursday 5/17 at 4pm (local time.)

By participating in this password-protected presale, you'll get your tickets before they go on sale to the general public.
Make sure to set your clocks and get online early to buy your tickets as they are sure to move quickly!

The password for the presale is: TBSPR3

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Linkin Park - AOL Music Live - Watch it now Free!
See Linkin Park's exclusive live NYC concert online FREE and on demand. While you watch the show, make sure to try out the Linkin Park quiz, flip through the photo gallery, and read the Mike Shinoda AIM Interview!

Watch Linkin Park Live now.

Monday, May 14, 2007

THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT: Illinois & The Kooks at Irving Plaza, 5/11/07

Illinois & The Kooks at Irving Plaza, 5/11/07


Illinois @ Irving Plaza 5/10/07

Let it be known, Illinois is why I came to see this show. I'd caught them once before, stealing the show at the +1 Music Anniversary Party in March at Luna Lounge in Williamsburg, opening long before luminaries like Stellastarr had taken the stage.

Illinois at the Luna Lounge

The very first thing I thought was, "There's some heavy-hitting drummer back there, and I gotta get closer." John-Paul Kuyper sits low to the ground, hunched over a kick, a pair of toms, a snare, a hi-hat, and *maybe* one crash cymbal. He's assembled a bare-boned kit with a fat, low-end sound. And damn if he doesn't sound a heck of a lot like John Bonham, bashing away on the tom - even if it is with a marocca alongside the drumstick in his hand. You'll see what I mean:

Illinois @ Irving, 5/11/07

If this song is your introduction to Illinois, as it was mine, all the better. It totally captures the flavor of the band out of Bucks County, PA. It's a roots-rock tinged, twangy kind of indie hybrid that fits nicely with some of the revivalist tendencies of bands du moment, like the Kings of Leon and even Wolfmother. But in my mind, Illinois remains wholly individual. Maybe I'm just biased, cuz with this band, it was kind of love at first sighting. Not so, with the other two.

A private party like that first Illinois show made it easy for the bands that night to get in their comfort zones, surrounded by friends and insidery types. But their show at Irving was another story, altogether. They opened for The Kooks, whose sold-out tour had brought in truckloads of squealing young lasses and the boys who lust after them. This was prime exposure time -- a pretty big opportunity for the boys from Bucks County, and they knew it. And they acknowledged it, giving shout-outs to The Kooks throughout the evening, setting all the girls screaming again. Don't for a minute think Illinois couldn't live up to it -- they had the entire joint screaming on their own.

Illinois @ Irving Plaza 5/10/07

I think it has something to do with frontman Chris Archibald's dry as moonshine sense of humor and kicked back attitude, which are infectious for an audience. Especially when he wails like a mountain man, or raps like a slacker suit having a bad day.

Illinois: Bad Day @ Irving, 5/11/07

Meanwhile, as a musician, he moves just as easily from guitar to keys, and then to banjo. In fact, I kinda like it best when he's playing the banjo, but that's just me. Looks to me like he's having the most fun when he's on keys. But you never know...

Illinois @ Irving Plaza 5/10/07

The best part about the multi-instrumentalist thing is that it keeps the music from getting same-y.

It's immediately clear there's no schtick here. These guys are just completely themselves. Every song has its own flavor, while remaining true to the band's overall signature sound. And every member is equally important. The bass, in Martin Hoeger's hands, is melodic, yet meaty. The dreamy leads are played by Andrew Lee, who seems pretty dreamy most of the time, himself.

Illinois at the Luna Lounge

They kicked ass, and I was pleased as all get-out when I ran into Chris on my way to the Merch booth, who kindly 'graphed my ticket stub. Heck, you're why I'm here, honey.

The Kooks

The Kooks @ Irving Plaza 5/10/07

The Kooks are a mighty fun band. I like to think of them as the love child of The Strokes and Block Party. That's a high-energy, jump-around, punkified garage rock with a British rake's sneer, a wink and a smile. And like their progenitors, I'd learn that night, they give an awfully good showing live.

The Kooks - Time Awaits @ Irving, 5/11/07

There's kind of a merry jokester element in Luke Pritchard's presentation. He knows he's catnip to the ladies, and he works it -- but without pandering, mind you. His Brighton accent just adds to the appeal of the strong pop hooks, disguised as a naughty nephew of Cliff Richards or some such. He's drawing on a long legacy in Britain of lanky lothario as mod playboy.

The Kooks @ Irving Plaza 5/10/07

Like any good flirt, he's fickle, too. In his first song, he's telling us his heart's a-flutter, saying to some sweetheart, "I'm just trying to love you... I fell in love on the seaside." And by night's end, he will have "chewed her up and spat her out." No wonder the place is wall-to-wall cute girls. The chicks dig it. And to The Kooks' credit, the guys dig it, too.

It's a punchy kind of sound that translates really well, live. The band were tight as a drum, and totally ready to take over America. Hell, they've already sold out the tour.

The Kooks - See The World @ Irving, 5/11/07

It's been a heady start, that's for sure. Their auspicious debut on US shores came at Austin's discovery-generating fest, SxSW. They next triumphed over Coachella's LA audience full of industry heavies, adding the West Coast to their growing list of conquests. Seriously -- the only photo pit I got turned away from during the whole fest was for The Kooks, apparently because "it was full." Very good sign.

The Kooks @ IrvingPlaza 5/10/07

To give NY ourfirst taste, they chose the perfect downtown venue in Irving Plaza. The Kooks filled every corner, showing Irving off in its very best light. Speaking of, Irving's normally horrid lighting was gorgeous for the Kooks, sometimes even highlighting the band from the front. (*gasp!* just imagine! we could see their faces!)

Following up with a club tour was wise, emphasizing their British streetness and maintaining their cred. I don't know about you, but I'd rather see these guys in a dark, cavernous space than a brightly lit, summer sunshiney outdoor stage. It just must sound better. Right?

Friday, May 11, 2007

NEW PHOTOS: Albert Hammond Jr at Hiro Ballroom, NY 5/10/07

The Strokes guitarist has more in his back pocket than just some garage-pop speed-strumming. Not only is his solo songwriting worthy, but he's got a darned enjoyable pop voice to boot, as he proved at the private show at Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel, in NY's Meatpacking District. With such downtown music royalty on stage, celeb guest DJ spots and the after party for the Air show, it was no surprise to find the joint wall-to-wall with beautiful hipsters, including newly minted supermodel Agyness Deyn (see May Vogue).

albert hammond 051007034

>>View the gallery for more photos from the show!<<

HOT TIP: Catch Maroon 5 for FREE in San Diego on 5/13

Hey Californian Friends! You've heard about those mysterious, elusive MySpace Secret Shows, haven't you? Well, now's your chance to catch one: Maroon 5 are playing at the Epicentre in San Diego on 5/13!

All you need to do to hear about these on your own is add MySpace Secret Shows to your top 8.

Entry is limited so get there early to ensure success!
THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, so get there early and stay in line. Please arrive early, show will start immediately.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

HOT TIP: Catch Albert Hammond Jr in NY for FREE tomorrow night @ Hiro

Looking for something to do tomorrow night, but don't have a wad of cash to drop on tix to a show? Well, hell, that's why I love the folks. Their weekly parties are free to those who RSVP in advance. And so it is that you can catch Albert Hammond Jr, he of the wacky 'fro, guitarist of the Strokes, and inheritor of the genetic code of the Hammond organ's inventor.

Albert Hammond Jr 3/31/07

Not sure Albert has what it takes to make it without the Strokes? Well let me set you straight on that count. I caught him opening up for Bloc Party at the United Palace Theater, and his set was smokin. I loved the slightly less garage-y, more Beatles-esque take on the indie pop that makes the Strokes so great. And the guy can sing! Who knew?

Get on the guest list by following the instructions in the flyer below:

Albert Hammond Free Show @ Hiro Ballroom