Friday, August 31, 2007

REMINDER: Catch Justin Timberlake's Madison Square Garden Show on HBO Monday

Just a quick reminder to all my peeps that even if you missed seeing Justin Timberlake on
tour, you don't have to miss the FutureSex/LoveShow dance party entirely. That's right,
his performance at Madison Square Garden will be aired on HBO this Monday. Why
Labor Day? Because it's a labor of love. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Want to bone up on all the action and catch some of his sexy back before the rest of the
country sees it when the show airs on Monday? Here's your chance...

--Photo Gallery
--Live Videos

Justin Timberlake @ Madison Square Garden 081607-327_edited

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park Summerstage 8/19/07

Rufus Wainwright's sold-out Central Park Summerstage show was on a soggy beast of a
day. Yet despite the downpour, his multitude of die-hard fans started lining up in the early
afternoon to get the best spots at the outdoor venue at Rumsey Playfield.

Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07

The weather didn't dampen Rufus' spirit, though. On the contrary -- his performance was
even more enthusiastic and charismatic than the high level fans have come to expect from
him. We were treated to much the same set that those of us that had caught his Gramercy shows
received, but the love he showed his fans for sticking it out through the muck and mire
made this show unique.

Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07
Famously stylish, Rufus cut a dapper figure in his outlandishly striped, yet still chic suit,
sans shirt. The rhinestone brooches were the stars to his rainbow stripes, he explained,
which helped him stand out against the muted stars and stripes theme of the set design
and his backing band's getups. Though he may sing that he's "so tired of America," he still
wore his patriotism on his sleeve.  Well, every part of him, actually, save his bare chest.

Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07 
Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07  Flautist with Rufus Wainwright @ Central Park 8/19/07  
Stand-outs for me were his performances of the glittering "Release the Stars" (watch
below), a heartbreaking rendition of "The Art Teacher," the let-me-try-that-one-more-time
piano acrobatics of "Tulsa," and of course, the now-infamous drag routine that closes out
his second set.

Though he may not be doing Judy at Carnegie anymore, he's channeling La Garland every
night on tour. And as evidenced by his show at Central Park Summerstage, he nightly
earns his title as one of the world's greatest entertainers.

Rufus Wainwright in Drag @ Gramercy 6/5/07  Rufus Wainwright in Drag @ Gramercy 6/5/07  Rufus Wainwright in Drag @ Gramercy 6/5/07     

Catch Rufus, if you can. You'll immediately understand why his fans are willingto brave
a deluge for him.

--Central Park Summerstage, 8/19
--Gramercy Theatre, 6/5-6/6
--Coachella 2007, 4/27
Carnegie Hall, Wainwright Family Christmas 2006

--Rufus Solo Shows
--Wainwright Family Christmas

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FESTIVAL NEWS: Schedule Released for the 2007 Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle

Ahhhh, what could be better than the Pacific Northwest in the summertime? Whether
you're like me and want to get the heck out of Dodge for the holiday weekend, or you've
got ticket in hand, foaming at the mouth in anticipation of seeing Wu-Tang Clan, The
, Gogol Bordello, Lupe Fiasco and Crowded House all on the same bill... 

Either way, Seattle is the place to be this Labor Day weekend.

Wu-Tang Clan @ Rock the Bells 7/28/07   The Shins @ McCarren 8/23/06  Gogol Bordello @ Irving Plaza 7/20/07  Tokyo Police Club at Bowery Ballroom 4/7/07  The Watson Twins at Town Hall 10/13/06   Lupe Fiasco at Nokia 3/11/07
>>L to R: The Rza of Wu-Tang Clan, The Shins, Gogol Bordello, Tokyo Police Club, The Watson Twins, Lupe Fiasco

So, Bumberfans, without further ado I give you the full schedule for the 2007 Bumbershoot
Festival, September 1st - 3rd, in Seattle. Once you've had a chance to give it a good
look-see, head on over to and map out your own personal festival
schedule using their handy interactive schedule creator. Trust me - with a festival this
extensive, you're going to want a plan of attack.

Bumbershoot 2007 Festival Schedule - Saturday 9/1

Bumbershoot 2007 Festival Schedule - Sunday 9/2

Bumbershoot 2007 Festival Schedule - Monday 9/3

Now go forth and rock! ...For me, cuz I'll be on that other coast pining away for Labor Day at Bumbershoot.

Monday, August 27, 2007

CANCELLATION NEWS: The Cure Postpones their 2007 North American Tour

Though it is with a heavy heart that I bring you news of the postponement of The Cure's
2007 North American tour dates, I am happy to report that there is a silver lining to this
cloud. This is not an outright cancellation. Damn right, it isn't! The monarchs of mope are
rescheduling their lost dates for April and May 2008.

Yes, I know, it's an awful long time to wait. But you've already waited a few years...
Could 6 more months really be all that bad?

Thanks to their lovely publicity peeps, I'm pleased to present the announcement letter
from Robert Smith and his Cure cronies...

With all apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment it may
cause, we have made a decision to move the September/October 2007
North American Cure shows to April/May 2008.
The schedule as it stands only gives us a couple of weeks to finish
our new double album before we hit the road again, and we know this
just isn't enough time to complete the project to our genuine
We also want to create a new live show for North America, and
incorporate new songs... and we need time and focus to do this.
So although we can agree it is a great shame to move these dates -
believe us we have been looking forward to them more than anyone!
we honestly
feel that in the bigger picture we are making the right
All tickets held for all 2007 North American Cure shows will be
valid for the re-scheduled 2008 shows, and of course anyone who
seeks a refund will be able to get one.

All refund/rescheduling detailswill be announced very soon.
Once again, our genuine apologies to anyone who is upset by this
announcement - please be encouraged by our promise:
The spring 2008 Cure shows will be even better than the fall 2007
ones would have been!!!
See you all soon...
Robert, Simon, Jason and Porl - The Cure 8/07

In the meantime, remember the immortal words of Robert Smith, "Boys don't cry." So,
boys, cheer yourself up with the eternally funny, always relevant Raba Smeef
episode of South Park:

RUMORS ABOUND: My Bloody Valentine To Reunite for Coachella 2008?

OK folks, I'm seeing this popping up on reputable sites all over the place, so I feel
honor-bound to report it. There's every chance that seminal 90s shoegazing
noisemongers, My Bloody Valentine, will pull a Jesus & Mary Chain and reunite to
headline Coachella. That's Coachella 2008.

To report that MBV is reforming for Coachella 2008 is much like announcing I've got a
royal flush before the river has revealed the fifth card that may make my hand. Music is
sometimes a gambling game, and I'm not prepared to go all in on this one. But I can tell
you that with buzz this loud, the odds are in our favor...

"According to sources in the United States and the United Kingdom who are familiar with
the negotiations, the band is close to signing a deal that will see a reunited My Bloody
Valentine headline Coachella, scheduled for
April 25–27, before embarking on a world
tour sometime later in 2008."
-- The Daily Swarm

"Several people have had a chance to run to Kevin Shields at various recent events
(Meltdown, Moscow gig). Apparently Kevin told them that a new album and tour are in
store for 2008. Supposedly the album is almost done...
A curious thing has happened.
There now appears to be an official My Bloody Valentine
myspace site. It even has alink
to Could this be a signal that the new album and tour rumours
are actually true?
" --

Get in on the gossip:
--The Daily Swarm news forums
--Brooklyn Vegan
--AtEaseWeb forums
--Bowlie forums

Dare we dream about that show at Webster that Brooklyn Vegan mentions? Oh please
please please let it be so!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

HOT TIP: The KOR Project Features Stellastarr & Ra Ra Riot @ Highline Ballroom Tonight

New Yorkers, looking for something unusual to get out of the doldrums on this ho-hum
grey day? Head to the Highline Ballroom, where "unusual" is just what you'll get.
Tonight, the KOR Project is taking over the ballroom, bringing a mix of indie music
and art from the underground never before seen under the same ceiling.

Stellastarr at the Luna Lounge
>>stellastarr* at the +1 Music Anniversary Party, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Catch music from local faves stellastarr* and Ra Ra Riot, with openers
Seems So Bright, while feasting your eyes on art that explores the intersection
of pop culture and the street.

Sound like an interesting evening to you, too?

Stellastarr* & Ra Ra Riot with The KOR Project

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NEW PHOTOS: Badly Drawn Boy @ Spiegeltent in New York on 8/14/07

Though I love the Spiegeltent, perhaps it's not exactly the right venue for every occasion.
At least that's my thinking after seeing one of my heroes, Damon Gough, performing many
of his best Badly Drawn Boy tunes under the tent.

Badly Drawn Boy @ Spiegeltent 8/14/07

It was an off night for the master from Manchester. And I have to chalk it up to the
venue. While it may be perfect for DJs and solo acoustic acts, I'm beginning to think it
may not be best for a band that is fully wired -- even if the music has an acoustic attitude
at its heart.

I never thought I'd find myself praising Wester Hall, but his set last winter at Webster
featured such a far superior sound that I found myself wistful for that winter show. So
allow me to present one of the more brilliant moments from that show to act as a
soundtrack as you read the review of Badly Drawn Boy @ Webster

Friday, August 17, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Justin Timberlake Live Taping of HBO Special @ Madison Square Garden 8/16

Justin Timberlake performed a jaw-dropping, highly polished pop explosion for his HBO
live special, complete with Good Charlotte opening, Timbaland guesting, JT tickling the
ivories (quite well!), and all the dance moves you'd ever desire. Live at Madison Square
Garden, New York, 8/16/07.

A full recap will follow soon, but in the meantime, whet your appetite with these luscious
photos from the show:

Justin Timberlake @ Madison Square Garden 081607-166_edited  Justin Timberlake @ Madison Square Garden 081607-269   Justin Timberlake @ Madison Square Garden 081607-286_edited  Justin Timberlake @ Madison Square Garden 081607-392 




Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: NY Venue Opens With Shows by Shins, Decemberists, MIA, Ween, Tix On Sale Friday 8/17

Never heard of Terminal 5? Make a mental note, New Yorkers, cuz that name is sure
to be on everyone's lips over the next few months.

The Shins @ McCarren 8/23/06
>>The Shins, McCarren Park Pool, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Yes, there's a new venue in town -- on Midtown Manhattan's west side at 610 W. 56th
Street -- and if the early roster announcement is any indication, it's going to be hot hot
hot. According to Billboard, we'll see the likes of the Shins, Ween, M.I.A., the National
and the Decemberists, with tickets going on sale as early as this Friday -- that's August
17th! Yo, check it: 

At present, the first show booked is the National on Oct. 11, followed by M.I.A on
Oct. 19, up-and-coming French dance act Justice on Oct. 20 and the Shins with
on Oct. 23-24.

The Decemberists are booked for a Nov. 1-2 stand, followed by State Radio on
Nov. 23 and Ween on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

The latter shows will be Ween's first non-private gigs in Manhattan since 2003!

Tickets for the National, M.I.A., Justice, State Radio and Ween go on sale
Friday (Aug. 17); tickets for the Shins go on sale Saturday.

Bookmark this link for when tix go on sale:

 Coachella 2007 - The Decemberists The National @ Radio City Music Hall 5/9/07 
>>Left: The Decemberists, Coachella; Right: The National, Radio City Music Hall, NY

Friday, August 10, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Daft Punk @ Keyspan Park Coney Island 8/9/07

What's the biggest buzz on earth today? The buzz around Daft Punk's show Thursday
night at Coney Island's Keyspan Park! Let alone the buzz we all felt from being there in
the flesh, with the loudest display of dance intensity pretty much anyone in that audience
had ever experienced.

Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07

Just take a look at all the "best concert I've ever seen" comments posted on
everyYouTube video or any Flickr photo available for the search term, "Daft Punk
Keyspan Park."

For my own part, my mind is still blown. 24 hours later. Best concert I've seen this year?
One of the top 5 I've ever seen!  Boggled, the mind is.

The best I can do is recommend you watch the videos from the show. Hallelujah, Sony's
little pocket point 'n' shoots actually have bizarrely good audio. Then again, I also got to
take it from the photo pit. (*gush!*) Pinch me.


Is there such a thing as the equivalent of the Academy Awards for concert productions?
This lighting show was unbelievable. The most sophisticated, and beautiful, that I've ever seen.

Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07   Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07   Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07   Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07

Effing brilliant.

I think Daft Punk must be for our generation what it was like having some of the great
composers. Except most people haven't figured it out yet. Then again, from the size and
variety of people at the show, an impressive number have. The must-see show of the year.

Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07  Daft Punk@ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07  Daft Punk @ Keyspan Coney Island 8/9/07

More Daft Punk:
See TixGirl's photo gallery
See more videos of the show
See Way's amazing photos, too!
Listen to the full show on MP3!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NEW PHOTOS & VIDEO: Muse & Cold War Kids at Madison Square Garden 8/6/07

Live music lovers fall into two buckets: Those who have seen Muse play live and those
who haven't. My still-buzzing ears are proof positive that I'm finally a "have," leaving the
"have-nots" to wonder what the heck all the noise is about. And let me tell you, that's one
noisy live show.

Muse @ Madison Square Garden 080607565

Muse are epic.

The "have-nots" may shrug, left cold by a 3-word recap that couldn't possibly do justice
to any live show. The "haves" will nod knowingly, agreeing that it simply does say it all.
But in an attempt to turn the "have-nots" into "haves," I feel honor-bound to expound a
wee bit more on the experience that is seeing Muse live.

See all 9 videos from the show!

Muse are Queen-meets-Radiohead. Imagine the over-the-top theatricality and
pitch-perfect attack of Freddie Mercury's vocal style, and add to that the multi-layered
orchestrations and song structure of Radiohead, plus the front-man's striking physical
resemblance to Thom Yorke's physique. As a good pal pointed out, you don't really get
the full picture until you throw in a heaping spoonful of Poison-esque arena rock for
bombast, flambuoyance, expensive effects, and the requisite squealing guitar solo.

Muse @ Madison Square Garden 080607579

If that description strikes you as too "surface," allow me to underscore that Muse are the
real thing. Their songwriting and their performance is evidence of a deep talent shared by
all three of the Brits who bring the high concept that is Muse to life. They're one of the
few bands I've witnessed who can turn jaded, hipper-than-thou Williamsburgers into
squealing teenagers vociferously expressing Beatlemania-esque adulation.

Muse @Madison Square Garden 080607541

Did I mention how loud the show was? Criminy! Well, what can you do -- that's arena
rock. And in Muse's case, it's arena rock at its best.

See the full gallery of photos from the show!

Meanwhile, don't leave the opening band out in the cold. The Cold War Kids are one of
my favorite bands to see live. Though they may not be superstars from some damp island
across the pond, they have a powerful onstage presence that is borne of improvisational
prowess, creative originality in songwriting, and to put it plainly, a deep understanding of
how to play their instruments. 

Muse @ Madison Square Garden 080607010

From playing the Bowery to Madison Square Garden in one leap? And I don't mean the
Theatre at MSG, either. I'm talking the big house! That's the leap I witnessed them make
last night, after having seen their last NY show at the Bowery Ballroom. I hope their luck
lingers long enough to bear fruit, as touring with Muse is exposing them to millions of fans
who understand the value of music that boasts more than just a compelling hook.

I'll be at peace as long as I know the Cold War Kids will be back playing NY again soon.

BUZZ BAND: Just Jack is TixGirl's Pick for I F'n Love This Song on

Everybody loves to trumpet their favorite breaking artists, but this time I've put my music
where my mouth is, so to speak. Catch my latest pick for I Freakin Love This Song on
uber music blog

Just Jack @ Hiro Ballroom 7/31/07  >>Just Jack live at Hiro Ballroom, NY, 7/31/07

Just Jack: Writer's Block
Is it 'Spiderman''s MJ or 'Harold and Kumar''s Mary Jane you're flying high with, Jack?
With insider references to bullet trains and Lois Lane, 'Writer's Block' is enough to make
a stoner ComiCon buff's day. Sorry, Spidey, but in this debut issue from North Londoner
Just Jack, the bass line is the real superhero. Funkier than Superman's trunks after a busy
day saving the planet, the bass is the driving force behind the tune, and a surprising
counterpoint to Jack's Cockney patter. With such a disco-driven core and his call-outs to
comic culture, it's easy to overlook the fact that his ruminations on impending fame and
the music biz are the real thrust of the song. Read the rest & listen to the tune!

See More Picks: Check out TixGirl's prior picks for IFLTS on!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

FESTIVAL NEWS: Baltimore's Virgin Festival Schedule Released for August 4 & 5 at Pimlico

No, New Yorkers, we aren't the only city on the East Coast with a music scene.
If the Baltimore Club sound wasn't enough to convince you that Balmer's got their
own thing going on, then maybe the Virgin Festival will.

At Pimlico Race Course from August 4th - 5th, the 2007 Virgin Fest relies heavily
on international buzz bands like Peter Bjorn & John, CSS, Amy Winehouse, Regina
Spektor & NY's own LCD Soundsystem, while they also have the clout to haul in
legendary artists with a far more broad appeal, a la The Police, Incubus, the Beastie
Boys and Wu-Tang Clan.
Coachella 2007 - Amy Winehouse  Wu-Tang Clan @ Rock the Bells 7/28/07 Wu-Tang Clan @ Rock the Bells 7/28/07  Coachella 2007 - LCD Soundsystem
>>L to R: Amy Winehouse, Method Man & Rza of Wu-Tang Clan, and LCD Soundsystem

Looking at the newly released Festival Schedule, it's hard to imagine how one
could prioritize one's time. But their handy little Custom Schedule Planner sure
makes it a lot easier.

Simply click the bands you want to see most, reconsider your priorities, silently
ask the Rock Gods why you're being forced to choose, reconsider again, and
print. Its nifty little interactive interface makes it easy to recondiser, rinse and
repeat. Those of us without OCD can just print out the sked below and wing it!

2007 Virgin Festival Schedule August 4-5

Need some advice? If you're not dead set on catching the first 20 minutes of each
set, or you want a home base where your peeps can find each other throughout
the fest, I'd spend Saturday largely camped out at the South Stage, and Sunday at
the North Stage. But that's just me. How bout you?

Regina Spektor  Coachella 2007 - Peter Bjorn & John  Matisyahu's Festival of Lights @ Hammerstein, 12/17/06  Coachella 2007 - CSS
>>L to R:
Regina Spektor, Peter of Peter Bjorn & John, Matisyahu, and CSS